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Pastor Dwight Buckner Shares "5 Things Ever Man Needs...and Every Woman Should Know About Men"

Pastor Dwight Buckner is a 7th, that's right, 7th generation pastor who hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota but has called Atlanta, Georgia home for almost 20 years. Dwight has spent his journey inspiring people through his ministry, his writing, and during his time on WEtv's Married at First Sight. As he learns different lessons, he feels his calling is to share them with the masses. Dwight felt the need to share some of those lessons with the world and released his first book, Breaking The Cycle of Lust, a topic that he hoped would help others overcome something that he himself struggled with. Through his research, he discovered that the spirit of lust, much like alcoholism and other addictions can be something that is passed down from generation to generation and if dealt with properly, the cycle can begin to be broken.

After researching the industry, he found that there were not a lot of men's help books that provided men with the needed tools for understanding, growth, and development. One of the things he discusses is all men need support and says "Most men fail in areas where they have no support." As Dwight prepares for the release of his new book, 5 Things Every Man Needs...and Every Woman Should Know About Men, Dwight chats with us about what we need to learn and why the book is so important.

How can we get men to a place where they open up so that we can be better men for ourselves, our families, and future generations?

I think men have to do a better job of letting go of the ego. It's ok to have confidence but when you are ego-driven that means you're not open to receiving correction, advice, or what somebody else can offer you. The first thing is if a man is to purchase my book, not to judge the cover. Go into it thinking is there something I can receive. Get to a place where you realize there may be something you need to know. Do you know how to listen? Are you teachable?

Is there anything in this book that you instill in your sons that we as a community can instill in our young men?

Another chapter in the book is entitled Men Need Affirmation and I open up with a story about my 2 boys. I always make sure that I go out of my way to make sure that I hug and kiss them. A hug and a kiss from the dad is an affirmation. I believe that all men need affirmation.

What have you learned about yourself throughout the process of writing?

I learned that I have penmanship, I learned that writing is a ministry that can reach a whole different audience. I think so many times preachers focus on preaching but God gifted me with a gift to preach, teach and encourage. I paid little attention to my gift to write. The thoughts that I have, I put it on paper because somebody that does not listen to preaching may listen to a story that you put in a book with godly principles. I want to be effective in every area.

"If men can get to a place where we can encourage each other, we can thrive." Check out our full interview below.

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