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Deon Derrico Talks About Being a Father of 14, Gives Advice to New Fathers and More

If you have been looking for truth in entertainment, faith, family, and great times, Doubling Down with the Derrico's is the show for you. Airing on the TLC Network, the show follows Las Vegas-based Karen and Deon Derrico and the everyday life of a family consisting of two parents and 14 kids. Recently, we got the chance to chat with the patriarch of the family, Deon Derrico.

Do you think that this is it or are willing to accept that if it's in the plans you'll be parents to more than 14 kids?

We are willing to be parents to more than 14 children. The overwhelming amount of love and appreciation that I have for having a large family is out of this world. Many people can't understand it. We all have our different callings, different gifts, and things that drive us. For me, my large family has to be one of them.

What advice would you give to first-time fathers?

Just be there. Forget the whole myth of allowing the woman to do all of the nurturing. Be who your children need you to be. They just want to be loved, seen, hear, and noticed. They want to know that you have their back and you can show that by being there for them. I believe in genuine love and I also believe in respect. I also know that in order to get the respect you have to be firm and in order to be firm, I have be loving a nurturing. It's a balancing act.

Check out the full interview below.


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