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Custom Hoodie - What to Consider When Creating One

Who does not love a nice hoodie? It keeps you warm and cozy on those breezy or cold days. Plus, they are super comfortable and nice to pair with jeans or leggings. Owning a hoodie is a staple to have in your closet, and creating your own custom hoodie brings a burst of personality and style to your wardrobe. But, what should you consider when creating your own custom hoodie? We’ve got some steps for you to follow.

1. Consider Your Size When Creating Your Custom Hoodie

Be sure to check the hoodie fabric you are choosing to know whether it will shrink or not in the dryer. If you think that your hoodie will shrink in the dryer, you may want to pick one size up to what you usually wear. If you like your hoodies to be tighter, you may be fine with your regular size since it may get tighter when dried.

2. Consider The Message You Want On Your Custom Hoodie

What do you want your hoodie to say? Do you want something original, a quote from your favorite influencer, or something funny? These are all questions to ask yourself before you start creating your custom hoodie. Knowing the message that you want on your custom hoodie is fundamental to creating a custom hoodie.

3. Consider The Style of Font When Creating Your Custom Hoodie

If you are designing your hoodie with a favorite TV show quote or a funny statement, it may be wise to do a quick internet search on different font styles. Do you want your font to be serious, then Arial or Times New Roman may be a good just, but if you want something more fun, then a font like Comic Sans may be the better choice. Picking the right font choice depends on what you would like to put on your custom hoodie.

4. Consider Pictures When Creating Your Custom Hoodie

You can either create a hoodie with a saying on it or a custom hoodie with a picture. When choosing a picture, think about what you want people to understand when they see your hoodie. Do you want a picture of a loved one or a funny cat meme for everyone to smile and laugh when they see your custom hoodie? Whether you choose an image, a saying, or both, people are sure to love your new custom hoodie!

5. Consider Colors When Creating Your Custom Hoodie

Do you want your favorite color, or do you want something simple, like black? What color do you want your font to be? These are all pertinent questions to ask yourself when creating your custom hoodie. Do you want the color of the hoodie and the color of the font to match, too? What colors you choose, of course, depends on your style and how out-of-the-box you would like to be.

No matter what style, color, or font you choose for your custom-made hoodie, be sure to make sure that it is something you will love to wear daily. If you need a few ideas or are ready to create your own custom hoodie, visit a website that will be able to get you started in your new creation.


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