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9 of the Most Stylish Male Fashion Influencers To Know

Allen Onyia (@allenonyia)

Allen Onyia is a menswear influencer who truly believes “style is a sport.” As the creative director of True Religion brand jeans and co-founder of UpscaleHype, Onyia seamlessly integrates the world of luxury fashion and streetwear, as exhibited in his own wardrobe. He has been featured on various platforms, has co-hosted fashion segments with stylish athletes like Nick Young, and also has his own YouTube channel.

Photo Credits: @allenonyia Instagram

Ryan Clark (@ryanstylesnyc)

With almost 200K followers on Instagram, Ryan Clark is a force in the menswear community. As the founder of HighFashionMen and HighFashionLiving, Ryan has been able to transfer his love of fashion into strategy and media opportunities. He has also regularly collaborates with brands across the menswear and lifestyle spaces.

Photo Credits: @ryanstylesnyc Instagram

Jovel Roystan (@jovelroystan)

Jovel Roystan is an Instagram and YouTube style star on the rise. Not only has he made a name for himself in fashion, but he is also an actor and blogs about travel, lifestyle and grooming tips on his eponymous site. Additionally, Jovel has partnered with brands such as Express Men and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Photo Credits: @jovelroystan Instagram

Jermaine Richards (@richie_rich_for_life)

Bold, daring and statement making, Jermaine Richards pushes the boundaries of style with his fashion-forward outfits. Not only is he a force on social media, but he is also the creative director for Cleo Nicci eyewear and the founder of retail platform Rich Accessories.

Photo Credits: @richie_rich_for_life Instagram

Igee Okafor (@igeeokafor)

New York-Based Igee Okafor is brand ambassador for luxury watchmaker Carl Bucherer and has worked for other fashion entities such as The 88, The Source and Socialyte. With his crisp, clean style, Okafor e is a staple on the NYC fashion circuit and has partnered with brands such as Boss and Jo Malone.

Photo Credits: Simi Vijay

George Myrie (@stuylin)

George Myrie is a menswear enthusiast known for his unique style which combines elements of tailoring, streetwear and sportswear. His striking ability to play with color and patterns shines through on his social media platforms and his website, where he discusses the importance of both the form and function of clothing.

Photo Credit: @stuylin Instagram

Levi Maluvele (@sr.king_dapper)

One of social media’s most popular style influencers is Levin Maluvle, also known as King Levi Dapper. The Africa native who now lives in Europe is the CEO of fashion agency KLD, the founder of Vicious Shoes and he also created Mozambique’s Fancy Fashion Week. As such Levi has previously been named the Best African Fashion Influencer by Ghana’s Odartey Style and Fashion Awards.

Photo Credits: @sr.king_dapper Instagram

Joseph Hines (@mr.jhines)

Joseph Hine is an Atlanta-based influencer whose perfectly tailored wardrobe has made waves on social media where you can often find his looks circulating across Instagram menswear pages. If you want to shop his style, he and his business partner Eric Harrison are the co-founders of custom, luxury menswear brand Harrison and Hines. They also teach a class about menswear on Patreon (Harrison and Hines).

Photo Credits: Ron Hill and Alex D. Rogers

Dex Robinson (@dexrob)

With over 100K followers, Dex Robinson has made a name for himself in the world of men’s fashion and social media. He has worked across the entertainment industry, partnering with athletes, actors and entertainers such as Yahya Abdul Mateen II, Todd Gurley and Young Thug, to style and curate their wardrobes. He also runs his own eponymous company that focuses on brand management for athletes.

Photo Credits: @dexrob Instagram


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