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How Do You Unplug?

As the pandemic adds the feeling of hopelessness, and a nation that is built on capitalism causes us to continue to wonder how we will continue our way of life, unplugging is needed now more than ever. A form of self-care, unplugging may come as a difficult task for those who are ambitious and those who have responsibilities that seem to never end. Learn how The Quintessential Gentleman team unplugs!

Eric Thomas, Founder and Editor-in-Chief - Playing Tennis is a great unplug for me. Just the tennis court, the racket and my friends. I recently purchased a Nintendo Switch and I play Smash Brothers online with friends. This is a mindless game that doesn’t allow me to be on my phone or scroll through social media.

Jasmond Hatch, Staff Writer - There is a lake by my home that is the definition of peace! There, I can unwind, unplug, talk with God and my best friend when he’s with me. Just to be able to let go of the day and focus on that walk and that peace of the water is truly refreshing. I also love Candy Crush. When I play that game, nothing else is on my mind. The game draws me in every time and I get to have some fun and not worry about whatever is going on around me.

Monique Howard, Staff Writer - Drawing or painting provides a great creative outlet if you have a job that doesn't allow room for that sort of creativity. Reading a good novel is always a plus. Writing a poem or short story can be therapeutic. Movie nights are always nice. Spending time with a pet is nice too.

Dane Young, PR & Talent Relations - To unwind I link up with what I consider to be my tribe at least twice a week. I find time to connect with friends that reside in the same city as I do. Having a community and a safe space to decompress and talk is a valuable thing to have. I like to take advantage of hanging out with them as often as I can. We typically have game nights, Sunday dinners, or find activities to do like the museum, bar hopping, dancing, etc. Any excuse to dress up and feel good about ourselves. I also began to pick up a new hobby. I've been going hard in the gym and even started boxing training. I found that a physical routine has helped me clear my mind. It gives me something to think about other than my daily work task. I must say I'm loving the results that have come from working out.

Martel Sharpe, News Writer - I only unplug when I sleep.

Quintessential Gentleman family, how do you unplug?


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