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Black Millennial Duo Release Supernatural Short Film ‘The Reading’ On Amazon Prime Video

Cre8tive Tribe Media, the independent production studio behind the web series Remembering Wednesday and the 2019 AT&T grand prize-winning create-a- thon short film Ghosted, has released their follow up, the supernatural short film, The Reading. Now on Amazon Prime Video, The Reading was written and produced by Garrick Wade and Justin D. Jenkins, the second short directed by Wade.

“This was a story to me that was important to tell, and I wanted to make sure it was told and directed from a place of conviction. We live in a world where belief is what separates us; especially religious and spiritual beliefs,” Wade says in a statement. “I wanted to make sure that the audience didn't fall into numbness watching this film because it is so heavy and dark. I relied heavy on my cast and the range of these characters,” Garrick continues.

In the film, after an unexpected visit to a psychic, a Christian woman learns that there is no medical cure or cause for her son's terminal illness. Not believing anything beyond her faith, she must now face the truth about her husband's last marriage, and the possibility that her son is paying for the sins of his father. In the end, she is faced with an ultimatum that could save her son, yet turn her back on her faith.

With three projects in the vault, the creative duo has no plans to slow down, hoping that Hollywood will catch up in telling stories that promote inclusiveness and diversity in front of and behind the camera.

The Reading is now playing on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch the trailer below!

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