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"Black Man, Get You Some Therapy" Tackles High-Functioning Depression

“Black men, vulnerability is a strength,” and on episode 2 of Black Man, Get You Some Therapy, our mental health specialists address a topic that has seemed to be hidden in our community. Oftentimes, since we are thriving and excelling, we never take the time out to acknowledge our sadness or hurt. "Hustle Culture" pushes us to keep going, all in an effort to achieve the “American Dream.” In this episode, we look further into what may cause high-functioning depression.

Here are some takeaways

  • High-Functioning Depression is difficult to detect

  • Imposter syndrome is an indicator of High-Functioning Depression

  • Increased irritability is a way to identify High-Functioning Depression

  • It is courageous to admit that things are not working out in your life.


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