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New Video Series "Black Man, Get You Some Therapy" Brings Light To Anger

The conversation surrounding Black men and mental health is scarce. Although times are changing and more people are starting to engage and recognize that mental health is as important as physical health, Black men are often left out of the conversation. Depression, anxiety, past trauma, suicidal thoughts, all contribute to failing mental health that we choose to suppress. Generational teachings have taught us that we should not cry, show emotion, and to always be strong. Those teachings led many of us to believe in the “Man up” logic.

As the conversation continues, The Quintessential Gentleman has partnered with Real Talk Session Series to put action behind the conversation of promoting positive spaces for Black men to express themselves and to get the help they need. Ultimately, we are advocates for therapy, another resource that hasn't been promoted to Black people. What if more people who looked liked us shared certain experiences that gave us tidbits on how to deal with some of the same issues we face? Couldn't it help many us of heal and let us know that we are not alone?

Black Man Get You Some Therapy, serves to inspire Black men to understand that their feelings are valid, and there is help and resources out there for them to seek help.

In our first episode, mental health advocates speak on the topic of anger, an emotion so many of us suppress and have an unhealthy relationship with.

Here are some key facts we learned from episode one:

  • Anger can be constructive or destructive

  • Anger is a natural emotion that most of us seem to forget

  • It is okay to accept your anger, just find a healthy outlet to help that emotion pass.

  • Anger is a secondary emotion, the primary emotion is hurt.

  • We must first acknowledge anger in order to address it.

Check out the full episode below and make sure to tune in to a new episode every Monday!


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