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Best Off-Road Jeep Winch Accessories

Your Jeep was built for difficult roads and demanding trails. Whether you’re heading out for your first outing or you’re an avid off-road warrior, find out how you can get more out of your winch setup. Explore winches for Jeep Wrangler and helpful accessories to safely rescue your ride or a fellow off-roader.

Winch Shackles

You should never attach the end of the winch to its own cable, so how can you connect the line to an anchor? In most setups, the answer is a shackle. A few winch shackles can make the difference between a damaged winch and an easy rescue. Compare the materials and weight of shackles to be sure your off-road rig isn’t overloading these accessories.

Jeep Lift Kit

A winch can be a lifesaver, but Jeep lift kits can prevent you from getting into trouble in the first place. Not only does a lift kit reduce the risk of scraping the sides of your Jeep, but it also gives you room for larger tires. Larger tires with an aggressive tread can power through muddy spots and other difficulties that would trap an OEM Jeep. Some lift kits add only an inch, while others can add 4 inches or more of lift for a sky-high ride.

Snatch Block

When you’re stuck fast and your winch is threatening to become overloaded, it’s time for a snatch block. These crucial pulleys double the pulling power of your winch, and can also help you change the angle of the pull. Everyone wants to do a straight-line rescue, but difficult situations require an angled pull. A quality snatch block makes this possible and practical. Review the weight rating and additional features of your snatch block before using it to haul your Jeep out of a tough situation.

Fender Flares

Cruising through trail systems and blazing your own trail can all do a number on the sides of your Jeep. Traveling through mud, whether through your own power or with the help of a winch, can cover your Jeep with mud. Cut down on the spray and cleanup time with fender flares. Not only do these off-road accessories add style points to your ride, but they also catch a lot of flying sand, mud, gravel and other debris.

Tree Saver Straps

Go green with a tree-saving device. These convenient and aptly named straps reduce the harm to trees as you use them as anchor points. Leave no trace of your rescue by wrapping one of these straps around a tree, then connecting your winch to this point. It’ll also save your winch line. A tree saver strap reduces the friction on the line, which helps prevent a sudden snap.

Prepare for Any Off-Road Challenge

Don’t let a little mud stop you from blazing new trails. Whether flying solo or leading a group of off-road warriors, you need a winch and these helpful accessories to stay safe off the beaten path. Fender flares for Jeep off-roaders are available at great prices online, so search for these and other helpful items today. Order yours and have them shipped directly to your garage for a hassle-free upgrade.


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