2020 Groom-friendly Wedding Trends

The date has been set, but you – the groom – is uncertain about your role in the planning. Nothing new here, I see it all of the time as a wedding planner. However, there are some emerging wedding trends that are groom-friendly and fit for grooms of any age group. 2020 is going to be a good year for grooms.

Boss brides are sharing the planning process.

More and more brides, women who own businesses and building careers, are releasing some of the details of the big day, and enlisting the help and input of their grooms. Mature brides are aware that being bridezilla is not only stressful but misfocused energy. Thus, an increase in destination weddings, intimate gatherings, and personalized ceremonies that combine the traditional with whatever works for the couple’s unique personality and love language. Be prepared to help. Be prepared to know what you want too.

Intimacy that reflects the relationship.