Empowerment Speaker Keith L. Brown Provides 8 Affirmations to Teach Young Children

Empowerment speaker, author, and wellness ambassador Keith L. Brown has a unique appreciation and understanding of words. He is also the Director of External Affairs in the Georgia Senate. His talents have allowed him to help countless people across the United States and beyond. As an advocate for mental wellness, he uses his gifts to uplift and support children, families and underprivileged communities. With a focus on Black men, in particular, he champions the cause of reaffirming their value, wellbeing and place in society.

In a conversation with QG, he discusses how he discovered his life's calling, mentoring emerging speakers and entrepreneurs and more.

Despite being negatively categorized in school for talking too much, Brown would later discover that his words had the power to change lives. From 1994-1999, he worked as a high school English and speech teacher and adjunct faculty member at a technical college in Middle Georgia. Then a moment of realization led him down a different path, one that would become his life's calling.

"I stepped out on faith to walk boldly in my purpose to educate and empower globally as an empowerment speaker," he explained. "This leap of faith was the 'alignment of my assignment,' meaning I was divinely called to do this. Also, after seeing so many Black men living oppressed, suppressed, repressed, and depressed in terms of expressing their emotions, I decided to be a wellness ambassador primarily focused on 'Self-I-Care,' which is a term I coined.' Self-I Care' is the intentional act of individuals talking to themselves daily, promising themselves they will take care of themselves without feelings of g