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Congressman Cedric Richmond Receives Appointment to Biden Administration

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-Louisiana), former Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, recently received an appointment to serve in the Biden Administration as President-Elect Joe Biden's Director of Public Engagement and Senior Advisor.

According to reports, Richmond will be the most senior African-American serving in the incoming administration.

“I look forward to changing not only Louisiana but the entire south and empowering its citizens,” said Richmond in a press conference where he announced that he would resign from Congress to take up the position.

Richmond was the representative for Louisiana's District 2 which includes New Orleans since 2011, after being one of the youngest legislators to ever serve in the Louisiana State Assembly when he was elected shortly after his 27th birthday.

The 47-year-old New Orleans native received a B.A. from Morehouse College and a J.D. from Tulane School of Law. He also completed an executive program at the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government.

In the 115th Congress, Congressman Richmond led the Congressional Black Caucus under the first two years of the Trump Administration.

Within the first 100 days of his administration, Richmond and Members of the CBC met with President Donald Trump and delivered a 134-page policy proposal for Black America entitled “What We Have to Lose: Solutions to Advance Black Families in the 21st Century.”

This was a policy-driven response to the president’s constant question on the 2016 campaign trail of what Black voters have to lose by voting for Trump.

This appointment is a clear recognition of both the critical role Richmond played in the Biden Campaign as national co-chair, as well as the significance of Black voters in delivering a decisive victory for Joe Biden.


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