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5 City Travel Tips to Help You this Year

People are not traveling as much in 2020. It’s because of the pandemic and its direct and indirect consequences. Some people aren’t traveling because they’re worried about COVID-19, while others aren’t leaving their homes and exploring because they don’t have the money to do so.

Many individuals are doing staycations this year. They’re saving what money they have because of economic uncertainty. Some have lost their jobs, while others aren’t getting as many hours.

If you plan to visit a city other than your own in 2020, make sure to download a route optimization app to help you plan your route and make the most of your time in a new place. Here are some tips that should help you remain safe and enjoy yourself.

Watch Out for Traffic

One thing you should do is watch out for traffic if you’re on a major thoroughfare. Pedestrian accidents are on the rise. If you’re heading to a huge city like New York, and you’re from a smaller town or rural area, you have to understand that some vehicles won’t slow down if you’re crossing in front of them.

As you walk around the city:

  • Always cross in crosswalks

  • Wait until the light favors you

If you jaywalk, you risk a vehicle hitting you. Certain drivers are always in a hurry, and they might even accelerate if you try to cross the street when you don’t have the right of way.

Have a Lyft or Uber App on Your Phone

It’s also a smart idea to sign up for Uber or Lyft before you head to the city you’re exploring or even both of them. That way:

  • You can use one if you ever lose your way

  • You have another option besides public transportation

In major cities now, there are usually both rideshare programs and taxis. You can take either one, or there are always trains or buses.

Some people want to avoid trains and buses right now, though. If you get on one, you must sit or stand very close to other people. Even if you wear a mask, you don’t know that everyone else is going to. It’s more than likely that some of them won’t.

Watch Out for Pickpockets

You should watch for pickpockets if you visit an unfamiliar city as well. As you walk through crowds, you never know if a thief is waiting to snatch your wallet or take something from your purse.

If you normally carry a wallet in your pants pocket, you should put it in the front pocket rather than the back. That way, it’s much easier to tell if someone tries to take it out.

If you carry a purse, you should keep it buttoned or zipped up. Don’t walk around with handbags that have loose, open tops into which someone can easily reach and take something out without you noticing.

You might also leave the wallet or purse at the hotel and carry a money belt instead. These are belts you fasten around your waist and into which you can place a few items. You can put your driver’s license, money, and credit cards in there, and whatever other small valuables you need.

Avoid Dark Alleys and Be Careful Walking Around at Night

In an unfamiliar city, it’s also best to avoid taking shortcuts. If you’re following your smartphone and it’s directing you how to get somewhere, don’t cut down an alley if it looks like it will bring you to your destination sooner. That’s an easy way for a thief to mug you.

If you want to explore at night, make sure you stay in well-lit areas. Stay on the main streets where there are people around. You potentially endanger yourself when you’re alone.

You should also do some research about each neighborhood you visit. If you know you're approaching a high-crime area, you should take a taxi or rideshare. You could be fine, but some thieves keep an eye out for tourists or anyone who looks lost or unsure about where they are or what they’re doing.

Know What the Covid-19 Restrictions Are

You should also figure out what a city and state’s Covid-19 restrictions are before you go there. Some cities have universal mask mandates, and others do not. The same goes for stores, restaurants, and other establishments.

To be as safe as you can, it’s best to wear a mask in public whenever possible, regardless of the local policies. However, because of this issue’s politicization, you also need to watch out for individuals who might show hostility if you wear a mask.


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