Health Expert A.D. Dolphin Tells Us Why Everyone Should Cleanse

October 10 was World Health Day and while speaking to a therapist is a very good way to improve your mental health, so is focusing on your physical health. We recently spoke to The Steve Harvey Show's health coach and CEO of Dherbs A.D. Dolphin about the importance of physical health, understanding the importance of food and more.

A.D. Dolphin says your physical health is important for your mental health.

People just don't understand how you feel physically, outwardly, will definitely affect and show how your mental health is so important. It plays a huge role with what's going on with you mentally. More and more you see people seeking psychiatrists. Seeking people to talk to you. Seeking mentors. Seeking things outwardly so therefore inwardly they can feel better about themselves.

A.D. also wishes more people would cleanse.

When you cleanse, the energy level that you receive. It's so important. I wish everyone in the world could cleanse just so they can see the true importance of food. Because when you clean out your system, your gallbladder, your heart, your liver, your colon, your spline, your lungs, your kidneys, your adrenal glands, your blood, and your skin. When you flush those particular organs, the way that feels is so amazing. You have more energy, stronger immune system, clearer skin. You will be able to concentrate and focus a lot better. Food plays a huge role in our being today.