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5 Luxury Watches That Have Appreciated the Most in Value

Have you thought about investing your money? It goes without saying, but wise investments can be seriously profitable. Yet if you receive some dodgy tips for the stock market or inject your money into the wrong commodities, it can also turn out to be a sour experience for your bank balance.

Watch Investments

To avoid any bad investments, it makes sense to go with an opportunity that you’re passionate about. So if you are a watch enthusiast, this is one of the best investment routes to take. Not only do you get to purchase watches that can significantly increase in value, but you can also wear and enjoy them as they appreciate – it’s a win-win situation!

However, which watches - and brands – are the best bets to gain in value over time? Thanks to an analysis by Betway Casino, this article has five answers for you.

Cosmograph Daytona (Rolex)

As the biggest luxury watch brand in the world, it’s common for Rolex watches to appreciate at a healthy level. People love to buy anything Rolex, which means there’s always a strong demand for their watches.

With that said, there’s one Rolex which is currently going beyond the norm: the Cosmograph Daytona. This stunning watch has been a hit with watch enthusiasts since its inception, and it has skyrocketed in value. In fact, it has appreciated by an incredible 251% so far.

Navitimer 01 (Breitling)

Breitling is known for crafting some of the finest watches around, and this is never more evident than with its Navitimer 01 range. Bringing together a rich heritage with eye-catching style, this watch has been a favourite among the watch collector market for a long time.

This also helps to explain the incredible appreciation it has experienced. The Navitimer 01 is said to have exploded through the ceiling with a 169% value increase.

Carrera Calibre 1887 Chronograph (Tag Heuer)

Funnily enough, the Calibre 1887 didn’t receive universal acclaim when it was first released. Hardcore watch fans were critical because the watch didn’t feature a movement that was developed in-house by Tag Heuer – even though the company claimed otherwise.

Despite its controversial start, the 1887 Chronograph has certainly made up ground since. Boasting sophistication and flair that is indicative of Tag Heuer’s strongest points, the watch has proven popular with a staggering appreciation increase of 127%.

Portugieser Chronograph (IWC)

While IWC is responsible for some iconic collections, the Portugieser Chronograph is arguably at the top of the list. As a result, the watch is one of the most in-demand on the market today. Those wanting to buy one, however, will have to splash out a lot more than when it was originally released. It has appreciated by 70% at this stage, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

Pelagos (Tudor)

While it hasn’t gone up in value at quite the same rate as the other examples, Tudor’s Pelagos has generated an appreciation increase of 26%. This demonstrates both the quality and popularity of Tudor’s work, with the Pelagos perfectly highlighting their approach to striking, sophisticated designs.


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