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International Literacy Day: Teachers Inspire a Love For Learning

In 1966, the UNESCO declared September 8th International Literacy Day. The global effort supports the power of education, and the enrichment literacy provides in people's lives. It's a life long gift that all deserve.

“Our world is rich and diverse with about 7,000 living languages. These languages are instruments for communication, engagement in lifelong learning, and participation in society and the world of work. They are also closely linked with distinctive identities, cultures, worldviews, and knowledge systems. Embracing linguistic diversity in education and literacy  development is therefore a key part of developing inclusive societies that  respect “diversity” and “difference,” upholding human dignity.” - Audrey Azoulay, Director General of UNESCO

Before COVID 19, teachers allowed students to dress up as a character from their favorite book, which is a fun, interactive way to celebrate the stories children love. Local authors would visit schools to read and inspire a greater interest in literacy. A popular activity for elementary school students is called book tasting. Students would create menus featuring different genres or book titles and then set up tables around the classroom like a restaurant setting.

Despite the current challenges, virtual storytime still enables children to enjoy their favorite books. Whether virtual or in-person, educators are finding creative ways to help foster a love for learning among their students. There are also many educational resources available online that provide reading games and activities.

Source: National Coalition For Literacy

Photo Credit: Lily's Blackboard


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