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International Charity Day: #ChefsForAmerica Provides Meals and Hope During COVID-19

What was initially created as a means to honor Mother Teresa became an international holiday in 2012 by the declaration of the United Nations. Aside from paying homage to her efforts to help those in need, International Charity Day offers many opportunities to support local charities, whether by monetary donations or volunteering. World Central Kitchen is one of the many wonderful charities available.

In these difficult times, World Central Kitchen’s #ChefsForAmerica program is making it their mission to help families in need as well as deliver meals to seniors who may not be able to leave their residence. In local communities, the fresh and individually wrapped meals are available for pick up. The organization has currently provided over 25 million meals in 400 cities and counting.

World Central Kitchen is bridging the gap in a time when school meal programs, city services, and food banks are having difficulties meeting demands. The organization is also partnering with restaurants to conquer this obstacle by offering job opportunities for its staff. #ChefsForAmerica is bringing people together and uplifting local residents in dark times with compassion.

As part of the program’s efforts in nationwide emergency food relief, World Central Kitchen has purchased over 7 million meals from local restaurants, which have grossed profits exceeding $90 million. The shelter in place mandates and temporarily shuttering businesses have taken a massive toll.

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of July 2, 2020, 17.8 million Americans – 11.1% – are currently unemployed, and the restaurant industry has been uniquely affected. Since February, nearly 3.1 million jobs have been lost in the restaurant industry.”

#ChefForAmerica’s twofold goal is to not only assist those in need but also help restaurants remain open during a time of economic hardship.

This is one of the many programs offered by the World Central Kitchen, which was founded by José Andrés and located in Washington D.C. It was his vision to personally combat world hunger and poverty around the world through the creation of this organization.

To learn more about World Central Kitchen, please visit their website.

Source: World Central Kitchen

Photo credit: World Central Kitchen


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