6 Podcasts to Keep You Informed On "The Culture"

Over the years, podcasting has transformed into the phenomenon we know today. Along with the new trends and technology advancement, International Podcast Day has flourished as well. In 2014 National Podcast Day kicked off a celebration with six full hours of broadcasting. Founded by Steve Lee, the holiday evolved into what we know today with the help of his team. When the positive impact of international podcasting became apparent, the holiday was renamed and is now known as International Podcast Day. Between 2015 and 2019, countless hours have been broadcasted around the world. And as a result, ushering in podcasters and industry leaders from 70 countries to connect or collaborate. To celebrate the day, here's a lineup of podcasts you won't want to miss.

Code Switch offers conversations regarding race, ethnicity, and culture from a multicultural perspective. Journalists Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Demby are the hosts.

What's CODE SWITCH? It's the fearless conversations about race that you've been waiting for! Hosted by journalists of color, our podcast tackles the subject of race head-on. We explore how it impacts every part of society — from politics and pop culture to history, sports and everything in between. This podcast makes ALL OF US part of the conversation — because we're all part of the story.