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Republican House Candidate Joe Collins Shares His Plan for the "Black Agenda" For His Community

We are under 100 days from the United States' primary election and the country is divided. There is constant debate over police brutality and Black Lives Matter, as well as an ongoing discussion around how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. Our country needs leaders. Not only does the White House have to step up but Congress needs to do more for the people.

One group that definitely needs to see more from America is Black people. The "Black Agenda" needs to be addressed and Black people are looking for a plan on how America will finally make their needs a priority.

Joe Collins is a 13-year US veteran who is running for California's 43rd District. We recently spoke with the Republican House candidate about his "Black Agenda", what he will do to impact change and police brutality.

In our interview, Collins says that Black voters get too "comfortable".

One of the biggest issues that we have as Black people, is we get comfortable voting for people just because of the color of their skin. Being comfortable with not holding these people responsible for what they haven't done for us.

On his plan for the Black Agenda, he states that the biggest issue that we face in our Black communities is the lack of financial knowledge.

One thing that I've been putting together in my community is creating an overall package for people in the inner cities to be able to wealth through financial products. In our package we're gonna have training for a trust and estate planning. We're gonna have wealth building. We're gonna have the classes that you use to start and grow businesses and we're also going to tie that in with the financial products that you can use through the insurance industry to build generational wealth that is not taxed.

He also shares his rationale for his recent Instagram post saying "I back the police".

The reason why I support the police is because I was in the military and I understand that a few bad apples is not the example of the entire police department.

Check out the full interview below.


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