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5 Design Tips for Your 1st Home

Designing your own home for the first time can be the culmination of years of dreams as you have the opportunity to bring your ideal home to life. However, reality can soon hit first-time buyers as scope creep starts to occur, and they begin to press the limits of their budget. To make sure that you can design your first home effectively, while also considering the practicalities, here are some design tips for first-time buyers.

Choose Wooden Window Frames

Many homes that are currently for sale have old and chipped windows, and these might be one of the first features that you consider replacing to make your home more energy efficient. While most modern homeowners will go straight for PVC alternatives, you should consider opting for the more traditional option of wooden window frames. Not only are these incredibly durable, but wooden window frames can also make the exterior of any home look smart, no matter what other exterior features it has.

Go for Neutral First

Although you might desperately want to install a canary yellow bathroom or a lime green bedroom, you should consider opting for a neutral color scheme first. This will give you time to decide on a scheme that will work well with your home. In addition to this, choosing neutral paint will ensure that you can easily change your décor if you decide you would like to make changes at a later date, without having to worry about it matching it with a contrasting wall color.

Make Lighting a Priority

Although lighting might not be the most exciting element of your new home, designing your lighting is incredibly important for the atmosphere of your property. For instance, when you are designing your home, you should make sure that your layer your lighting, and that your rooms see as much natural lighting as possible. You should even consider adopting mood lighting within your rooms, as this will allow you to modify the ambiance of your favorite areas throughout the day.

Decide on a Theme

One action that will make the design element of moving home much easier is to decide on a theme. This will prevent your home from looking disorganized and chaotic, while also helping you to make a decision when you are looking for perfect items of furniture. In addition to this, a theme can help to make your home coherent and to make sure that each room flows into the next.

Go Open Plan

For first time homeowners that are looking for a spacious and inviting home that can be used to entertain guests, you should consider opting for open plan rooms, such as a kitchen-diner. These are especially excellent for first-time homeowners that are considering growing their family or those who might need more space in the future. If you are uncertain about going fully open plan, you could consider installing galleries or layers within certain rooms and splitting open-plan layouts into different, separately themed zones.


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