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Best Swim Trunks for Post-Lockdown Beach Days

We have been in lockdown mode for over three months, but summer is officially here. Coincidentally, beaches are also beginning to open up allowing us the first time to relax outside of our homes since COVID-19 took hold. As we start to plan beach days (or even trips out of town), consider the following swim trunks for your first journey oceanside.

Roark Revival, $41.39 BUY HERE

Orlebar Brown, $195 BUY HERE

Onia, $101.50 BUY HERE

Polo Ralph Lauren, $56 BUY HERE

Missoni Mare, $208 BUY HERE

Stussy, $75 BUY HERE

Lacoste, $60 BUY HERE

Saturdays NYC, $80.50 BUY HERE


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