14 Gifts for a Quintessential Gentleman

It’s that time again, gift-giving season! If you are having a hard time trying to figure out what to get The Quintessential Gentleman, take a look at these gifts below!

MVST Select Luggage – $225

Help the QG in your life travel easier with a premium suitcase/travel bag from MVST select. This suitcase is made of 100% polycarbonate, which is used in bulletproof glass and the visor of an astronaut’s helmet because it is exceptionally resilient and strong.

Trtl Packing Pods – $79.99

Save space when traveling and so much more with these handy dandy packing pods. Bag it! Add the strap attachment and use the Large and Medium Packing Pods as a handy, cross body day bag. Hang Anywhere! Use the clever loop and hook system to hang your pods and never unpack again. Pack It! Packing Pods are designed to fit well in both suitcases and backpacks so you can stop trying to fit a square cube in a round bag. Get a FREE strap worth $15!

Laetly Scarves – Starting at $60

Laetly is a New York-based brand of bold, fun knit scarves that