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  • U.S. Federal Judge Rules That AI-generated Art Cannot Be Copyrighted

    There looks to be a win for those on the side of the writer’s strike. A federal judge earlier in August upheld a finding from the US Copyright Office “that a piece of art created by AI is not open to protection,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The ruling was delivered in an order that turned down Stephen Thaler’s bid challenging the government’s position of "refusing to register works made by AI." US District Judge Beryl Howell found that the copyright law has “never stretched so far” to “protect works generated by new forms of technology operating absent any guiding human hand.” The judge’s opinion was all about human authorship being a bedrock requirement. Thaler, the chief executive of neural network firm Imagination Engines, spearheaded the push for protection of works created by AI. Back in 2018, he listed an AI system -- known as the Creativity Machine -- as the only creator of an artwork, A Recent Entrance to Paradise, which was described as “autonomously created by a computer algorithm running on a machine.” In response, the Copyright Office denied the application, informing that “the nexus between the human mind and creative expression” is a crucial element of protection. Then Thaler, who listed himself as the owner of the copyright under the work-for-hire doctrine, sued in a lawsuit, which contests the denial and the office’s human authorship requirement. He contested that AI should be acknowledged as “an author where it otherwise meets authorship criteria,” with any and all ownership vesting in the machine’s owner. He also contested that the office’s refusal was “arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion and not in accordance with the law” in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act, which “provides for judicial review of agency actions.” The questioned asked in the lawsuit was whether a work provided only by a computer falls under the copyright law protection. “In the absence of any human involvement in the creation of the work, the clear and straightforward answer is the one given by the Register: No,” Howell wrote. US copyright law “protects only works of human creation” and is designed to adapt with the times.” There’s been an understanding that human creativity is “at the core of copyrightability, even as that human creativity is channeled through new tools or into new media.”

  • Sixteen-year-old Detroiter Helps Keep Youth Out Of The Court System As Teen Juvenile Defense Lawyer

    Age ain’t nothing but a number for one juvenile defense attorney out of Motor City. Sixteen-year-old Detroiter Cayden Brown launched an online media platform that hosts open discussions on social issues. He essentially started a nonprofit to serve underrepresented communities, serving as a teen juvenile defense attorney, according to Detroit Metro Times. Feeling that law is the biggest way to create change, Brown heard about the Oakland County Teen Court and was eager to get involved. The program’s main purpose is to keep juveniles out of the court system. It is “designed around the philosophy that a jury of one’s peers is more influential in dealing with behavioral problems than any other method." Teen Court utilizes teen attorneys as well as jurors who have been taught about the court system to analyze cases. “Adults don’t understand things the same way that we understand things, it’s a different time,” Brown says. “Being put in front of people who are a true jury of your peers is beneficial to make sure that you get the justice you deserve and are entitled.” Teen Court defendants are first-time offenders who have been found guilty already, but through the program, the juvenile’s record can be wiped to a clean slate. “I actually analyze the cases, fight the cases, I do all of it by myself,” Brown says. “There are mentors there, there’s a real judge, too. It’s just like a real court, but they allow the students to play all of those roles.” Enter Oakland County’s 52-1 District Court, which is one of the three participating courts piloting the program. Aside from granting young folks such as Brown a chance to get involved in the community, statistics have backed up the notion that places utilizing Teen Court as a part of their youth crime prevention program consistently report that 90% or more of the defendants who complete the sentence are never re-arrested, thankfully, according to Detroit Metro Times. “All of the cases I was assigned, I was able to win each and every one, and that just shows how dedicated I am to the cause,” Brown says. “I’m inspiring kids who are my age to be able to do things that were often told we have to wait to do it. I’m gonna make a change right now.” Brown is thinking long-term, as his goal in the future is to attend law school to eventually become a civil rights attorney.

  • Atlanta's Plant Based Zo Restaurant To Get First Permanent Location

    After establishing itself as a pop-up restaurant, Belineda Febe's Atlanta-based Plant Based Zo will open its first permanent location. Plant Based Zo serves vegan Haitian fusion cuisine at 1099 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd in Southwest, Atlanta. The pop-up is currently open three days a week on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and offers a weekly rotating menu “showcasing the culinary creativity of our chefs, presenting new and exciting plant-based creations inspired by the rich tapestry of Haitian flavors.” Aside from the food, the pop-up restaurant is known for the atmosphere where Caribbean music is played, and impromptu performances by live drummers in the restaurant's lobby. The menu at Plant Based Zo features Haitian dishes including djon-djon rice and the fan favorite, the Vodou Burger. Djon-Djon rice is a dish made with an edible black mushroom called djon. Cuisine inspired by other regions of the African diaspora such as the Jamaican staple pigeon peas and rice, Latin American empanadas, and African American-inspired gumbo is also served. Freshly prepared smoothies and desserts are also offered on the menu. In preparation for the opening of the permanent location, a representative for Plant Based Zo stated, “We are working hard to bring you the best flavor permanently. We won’t be able to do our pop up this weekend... We are excited about bringing you flavors on a consistent basis all days of the week.” While an official opening date for the permanent location of Planet Based Zo hasn't been revealed, according to a building permit obtained by What Now Atlanta, the location where the pop-up was located will be altered into a commissary kitchen at 940 McDaniel St. in Southwest, Atlanta.

  • Netflix Tracks The World's Fastest Human In New Sprinter Series

    It’ll be much easier for track fans to keep up with those who run like the wind thanks to Netflix. It was announced that Netflix will continue to ramp up its slate of sports docuseries, filming and covering some of the top sprinters in the world, according to Deadline. Netflix didn’t reveal what runners will be featured but said “athletes from the US Jamaica, the United Kingdom, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Italy will appear." The series will follow athletes from all over the globe, delving into the psyches of elite competitors who train to be the fastest person ever. Folks will be able to see an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the high stakes, and mental toughness of the sprinters who spend their lives to crossing the finish line in record fashion -- a place their professional futures are decided in just fractions of a second. It is slated to shoot at the World Championships, which are set for Budapest in Hungary until Aug. 27. United States sprinters including Noah Lyles and Christian Coleman will appear with Lyles, the 200-meter world champion in Oregon and Doha, aiming for a hattrick of golds and contesting the 100 meters. Also, Marie-Josee Ta Lou, an Ivorian sprinter who achieved two silver medals in the 2017 World Championships, is competing for that gold medal. Thanks to the new development, this series marks the latest sports docuseries on Netflix. The company has already had huge success with Formula 1: Drive to Survive, which has been on for five seasons, tennis series Break Point in January, golf series Full Swing in February and NFL series Quarterback in July. The growing platform also has a series on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Six Nations Rugby tournament and the US Women’s soccer team coming up. According to, Quarterback is the 129th most popular show on Netflix and the 731st on all of TV. The project is produced by Box to Box Films, which is behind Drive to Survive, Full Swing and Break Point. It is executive produced by Paul Martin, James Gay-Rees and Warren Smith. This six-part series will embark in 2024. Photo Credit:

  • NBA Announces Specifics On New In-season Tournament

    It’s a new day in the NBA and the league is doing all it can to keep folks interested during the regular season. Last week the league announced the schedule of the new in-season tournament, which was broadcasted on ESPN’s NBA Today. The NBA revealed the new in-season tournament in June when the new seven-year collective bargaining agreement was signed. Featuring all 30 NBA teams, the in-season tournament will start on Nov. 3 with the group stage, running through Dec. 9 with a championship game, according to The following is how it breaks down. In totality, the in-season tournament comprises a group of group stage and knockout rounds. Every NBA team was placed into random groups of five teams in their respective conferences. Each team will compete in four group stage games, with the group winners automatically advancing to the knockout stages. Additionally, the team in each conference that didn’t win its group but had the best record in group stage will indeed advance, which is referred to as the wild card spot. But in the event of a tie for first place or a wild card berth, the NBA will utilize tiebreakers to determine who moves on, which include head-to-head record in the group stage, point differential in the group stage, total points in the group stage, regular-season record from 2022-23 or a random drawing if the teams are still tied after the first four options are exhausted. As for the knockout rounds, they are single elimination, with all in-season tournament games counting to the regular-season standings, except for the championship. The quarterfinals will be played on the higher seed’s floor before the competition moves to Las Vegas for the semifinals as well as the championship game. East Group A Philadelphia 76ers Cleveland Cavaliers Atlanta Hawks Indiana Pacers Detroit Pistons East Group B Milwaukee Bucks New York Knicks Miami Heat Washington Wizards Charlotte Hornets East Group C Boston Celtics Toronto Raptors Brooklyn Nets Chicago Bulls Orlando Magic West Group A Memphis Grizzlies Phoenix Suns Los Angeles Lakers Utah Jazz Portland Trail Blazers West Group B Denver Nuggets Los Angeles Clippers New Orleans Pelicans Dallas Mavericks Houston Rockets West Group C Sacramento Kings Golden State Warriors Minnesota Timberwolves Oklahoma City Thunder San Antonio Spurs The team that wins the tournament championship obviously will receive the NBA Cup, and there will be individual awards, including the tournament MVP and an all-tournament squad. Players will also be compensated handsomely, too. Each player on the winning team will take $500,000, while the runner-up will get $200,000. Also, players on a team that lose in the semifinals will each receive $100,000, while the team that loses in the quarterfinals will take $50,000. Load management, which is essentially players resting with no apparent injury, has been a problem in the NBA for the past several years. With the NBA implementing this in-season tournament idea, it may entice those players who sit out way too often to lace the sneaks up and go full throttle in those games. This should help NBA ratings.

  • Navigating Modern Dating: Tips For Men In The Digital Age

    Navigating the complex waters of modern dating can be challenging, especially in an era where digital interactions often precede face-to-face meetings. In this fast-paced digital age, dating has evolved beyond dinner and movies to encompass virtual chats, social media interactions, and endless swiping. The stakes can feel even higher for men who excel in their careers and are ambitious in their personal lives. With demanding schedules and a focus on success, integrating a meaningful dating life can seem an enormous task. Here is a guide that illustrates the process, offering practical and actionable tips for men seeking a genuine connection in today's digital dating landscape. Set Clear Intentions The dating life of high-performing men can be particularly challenging, given their accustomed focus on goal-oriented living. For these individuals, establishing what they need in a relationship is essential. Whether you seek a committed partner, casual dates, or something more fluid, defining this upfront allows you to approach your dating life with purpose and authenticity rather than uncertainty and ambiguity. Write down your intentions and revisit this list periodically. Desires can change over time. Being upfront and clear also aids in transparent communication with potential partners. It sets a respectful tone and helps avoid misunderstandings, ensuring that both parties are on the same page. Optimize Your Online Presence In today's digital world, your online presence often makes the first impression on a potential partner. This is especially significant for those with limited spending time on first dates. Think of your online profile as your brand; it should authentically showcase your identity. Select recent, high-quality photos highlighting your appearance, lifestyle, and hobbies. Be mindful of the bio section—use it to convey your personality and intentions without oversharing. Spelling and grammar matter; they reflect your attention to detail. Regularly update your profile to keep it fresh and reflect your current self. Remember, authenticity attracts authenticity. Crafting a genuine, engaging online presence is essential for meaningful connections in the modern dating world. Communicate Effectively And Honestly Effective and honest communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, especially in the initial stages of dating. Many romantic interactions start virtually in the digital era, making written communication skills paramount. Being straightforward and clear in messages is essential. Avoid game-playing or ambiguous statements; express your interest with sincerity and clarity. Are you enjoying the conversation? Say so. Want to meet in person? Propose a plan. Honesty builds trust, which is foundational in a potential relationship. Active listening is equally essential when communicating. It goes beyond simply hearing the words your date is saying; it involves being fully engaged in the conversation, showing that you aren't only physically present but also emotionally invested. For those often in the role of decision-makers, switching from leading a discussion to actively listening can be a transformative adjustment. Make eye contact, nod in agreement, and ask follow-up questions that show interest in your date's perspective. Transition Smoothly From Online To Offline This phase involves taking the connection you've built in the virtual space and fostering it in the real world. Propose a specific plan for your first in-person meeting. Choose a comfortable, public setting and communicate the time and place. Consider your potential partner's comfort level and schedule, showing you're thoughtful and respectful. Confirm the date beforehand to demonstrate that you're committed and looking forward to it. During the meet-up, be present and attentive, bringing the same level of engagement from your online conversations into the real world. This smooth transition can set the tone for a successful, meaningful connection. Balance Your Time In demanding, fast-paced lives, finding time for dating can feel like adding another task to an overflowing calendar. Yet, balance is crucial. Consider your dating life a meaningful extension of your personal life, not a box to check. Prioritize dates just as you'd a critical business meeting or family event. This means paying attention to your schedule rather than overcommitting to your plan but instead being intentional with the time you set aside for potential partners. Show that you value and respect their time as much as your own by being punctual and present during your dates. Also, ensure you still maintain time for self-care, hobbies, and other relationships. This leads to a healthier you and signals to potential partners that you can manage a well-rounded, fulfilling life. Handle Rejection Gracefully Rejection is an inevitable part of the dating process, and handling it gracefully is a testament to one's character. For men, who are often accustomed to achieving their goals, rejection can feel particularly jarring. However, viewing it not as a failure but as a redirection to something better suited for you is essential. If someone expresses that they're not interested, respond with kindness and gratitude for their honesty. Avoid the temptation to seek an explanation or to send a curt reply. Instead, wish them well and move on with resilience. This shows maturity and self-respect and keeps the door open for future opportunities without burning bridges. Everyone has their preferences, and it's important to respect another person's choice without taking it as a personal slight. Navigating modern dating as a high-performing individual in the digital age is undeniably a unique challenge. Still, it's also an enriching journey towards personal growth and potentially a lasting connection. It calls for a balance of preparation, flexibility, intentionality, and openness. Dating is an opportunity to connect with another human being on a deeper level. As you traverse this path, carry with you the principles of respect, honesty, and self-awareness, and you'll not only enhance your own life but potentially brighten someone else's. Photo Credit:

  • Future Prospects For Air Bag Technology: Advancements, Innovations For Safer Roads

    Airbag technology has changed a lot over the years, and there are significant developments on the horizon, too. Understanding the impact of this innovation is important if you're considering the safety features of a new car or dealing with the costs of replacement parts on an existing one because it can help you see why this technology is so vital. Past Successes and Ongoing Improvements The NHTSA estimates that over 50,000 lives have been saved by frontal airbags since their development. As of 2012, side airbags were also responsible for saving over 2,000 lives. These estimates were based on reductions in fatalities nationally for equipped vehicles when compared to the numbers for unequipped vehicles. They were not always as effective as they are today, though. Fine-tuning the deployment speed and force for optimum airbag performance has been an ongoing process. While there are some thresholds that are common, the exact deployment speed and force depend on the vehicle design and airbag placement as well. Successive design revisions to parts like the impact sensor have led to more precise instruments over the years, making items like the 590-204 sensor more accurate than their predecessors. Frontal airbags were the first to be developed, so even the addition of side airbag coverage was a big improvement. Recently, far-side airbag designs have been deployed in the space between passenger and driver to avoid collisions between people during a crash. Next-Generation Air Bag Solutions The development of the far-side airbag was a significant change to the status quo, but engineers and automotive design teams continue to work to refine parts, processes, and entire systems. They also continue to develop new approaches to airbag technology. That means you might be able to look forward to more major changes in this area in addition to the regular design refreshes done on parts like the Dorman 590-224 impact sensor. Pedestrian airbags have been a major point of interest for engineers and inventors for some time since pedestrian fatalities are still among the most difficult automotive safety issues to tackle. While there has yet to be a major design breakthrough that has become widespread, testing videos occasionally surface showing attempts at external airbag design. There are also some production models that are starting to use them, but they are very new. Smart airbags are also in development, with varying degrees of implementation. The idea is to use more sophisticated sensors and software to change deployment angles, velocities, and even locations to suit the forces placed on a vehicle in a specific crash. That kind of change is incremental, so there will probably be a few rounds of smart airbags developed before the concept reaches maturity. Keep Your Car's Air Bags Working Decades of studies by both the Department of Transportation and private organizations like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have shown that airbags are effective not only for the reduction of fatalities but also for the reduction of severe injuries in auto accidents. That means when a part like your air bag clock spring fails, you need to order a replacement right away. If you see a system warning when you start your car, investigate the issue today. Photo Credit:

  • 'Living Single' Turns 30: T.C. Carson Is Still Feeling The Impact

    Photo Credit: Elite Media Studios T.C. Carson was interviewed prior to the SAG strike. On August 22, 1993, audiences were introduced to six 20-something Black friends who lived and loved in New York City. Living Single was a far cry from what Black viewers were used to. Created by writer and producer Yvette Lee Browser, the Fox comedy was a first-hand look at how our community had evolved and in some cases, who we have always been. Khadijah James (Queen Latifah), Regine Hunter (Kim Fields) Maxine Shaw ( Erika Alexander) Overton Jones (John Henton), and Synclaire James (Kim Coles) made us laugh weekly with their antics as they built friendships and found love. And then there was Kyle Barker, played by all-around renaissance man T.C. Carson. He was a different character than what we were used to. From his honesty, his vulnerability, his comedic timing, and his representation of a Black man, Carson’s portrayal of Kyle Barker was fresh and in this day and age, may have caused a bit of controversy. Now, as the iconic show is celebrating its 30th anniversary, a new audience has emerged thanks to streaming and syndication. While our favorite friends have moved on to new heights and have been dominating the entertainment industry for multiple decades, it is still hard to escape the love from fans new and old. Carson welcomes it all with open arms. But the man behind the character has a new outlook on life during these times. “I am working to get a handle on my mental stability,” Carson says during our interview. The actor acknowledges that the political climate has taken a toll on his body and well-being, yet he continues to pour into his passion as a way of unplugging. As we see racial tension grow in the form of attacking our education system, revisionist history, and a war against our Black bodies, shows like Living Single and characters such as Kyle Barker reminds us that it has always been okay to be our authentic selves and to make sure we are surrounding ourselves with people who know that. “What I realize is that if they can keep you off center, if they can keep you stressed, if they can keep you agitated, then you spend money to not be those things,” Carson says as he discussed those who continue to oppress our community. “So the goal is to not be in that state and realize that a lot of good things are happening.” Photo Credit: Elite Media Studios In a way, life has imitated art when you listen to Carson now and as you watched him on Living Single. We are well aware of what is going on all around us, yet like the six friends on the hit show, laughter, and living brought them together and in a way became their escapism from how society treated those who looked like them. However; the show never hid behind laughter and always addressed issues straightforwardly. But in the end, always having each other made them face each challenge head-on. Born and raised in Chicago, Carson helped usher in the thought of an educated Black man on the TV screen. He played a smooth-talking Wall Street executive who made no apology for what he wanted, and most of the time he got just that. The role of Kyle Barker was not only important for those of us who watched Living Single, but it was also important for Carson, who often challenged the stories that were being told in the writer's room. “I saw real early what the show meant to my community,” Carson says. “I saw what the show meant to young brothers, young women,” he explains. In the age of social media and heavy social commentary, the impact of Living Single is more visible than ever. We watched Kadijah’s entrepreneurial journey. Maxine’s career as a lawyer. We witnessed the aspiration and perseverance of Synclaire pursuing her dreams to become an actress and we watched Regine figure out her way unapologetically. For young Black boys, we saw the inventions of Overton and the smarts of Kyle as he dominated as a stockbroker. “We haven’t seen that level of not only success but work ethic,” Carson says about the life and career of each character. “I felt a responsibility that we didn’t become buffoons… that we didn’t become a joke,” he says as he remembers young Black men coming up to him to tell him how much the show meant to them at the time. And as Carson fought for the stories that matter, it led to him ultimately getting “fired” he says. Still, the actor has no regrets about what he fought for. “I don’t regret anything I was pushed to do on that show… I think all of the fights that we had were important for the show. That is why the show is what it is today,” he says. Photo Credit: Elite Media Studios With a career that has spanned 30+ years, Carson never forgot his first love - music. The multi-hyphenate star has been performing and showcasing his one-of-a-kind voice, which audiences were able to hear throughout multiple episodes of Living Single. For Carson, he is getting back to his passion. “There is no greater high than being on stage with my band and the sound is right, everybody is happy… you can't get better than that,” he says. Fans have responded well to the artistry of Carson, which they see through his social media or on stage at venues such as City Winery. With celebrations coming in for being a part of such a groundbreaking show, one thing remains true, Carson will always fight to make sure we are seen. Photo Credit: Seven Media Watch our interview below and learn more about what T.C. Carson has been up to as he continues to embark on his next chapter.

  • Alpha Phi Alpha Relocates 2025 Convention Out Of Florida Over Governor DeSantis’ Policies

    Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, which is known as the oldest Black collegiate fraternity, will no longer hold its 2025 convention in Orlando, Florida. The announcement regarding the relocation was made on July 26th at this year’s convention in Dallas, Texas in light of travel warnings that were issued by the NAACP and other civil rights groups. The fraternity hosts its annual convention for members to convene and discuss various topics, and this year’s theme was “Strengthening the Brotherhood and Standing for Social Justice.” The goal of the 2023 convention was to bring awareness to “unrelenting attempts at voter disenfranchisement, racial discrimination and the ongoing brutalization and killing of unarmed African Americans by law enforcement.” “In this environment of manufactured division and attacks on the Black community, Alpha Phi Alpha refuses to direct a projected $4.6 million convention economic impact to a place hostile to the communities we serve,” General President Dr. Willis L. Lonzer III expressed to members in an announcement. In making the decision to relocate the convention, Alpha Phi Alpha cited a recent change to Florida’s social studies curriculum on slavery which the Alpha Phi Alpha stated that the new curriculum “erases Florida’s role in slavery and oppression, blames the victims, and declares that African Americans who endured slavery benefited from the horrific and torturous institution.” What is considered the most controversial statement in the Florida school curriculum in regards to slavery, directs teachers to include instruction surrounding “how slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit,” was clarified by Governor Ron Desantis to mean that slaves “developed skills in spite of slavery, not because of slavery.” Aside from Florida’s school curriculum about slavery, other controversial policies include the Stop WOKE Act, limiting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion discussions in colleges, as well as more strict immigration policies being implemented in Florida. “The actions taken by Governor DeSantis have created a shadow of fear within communities across the state,” said Lydia Medrano, a League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) vice president. LULAC also issued travel warnings along with the NAACP. Other organizations that have canceled or relocated events from Florida due to the political climate include Game of Thrones convention Con of Thrones, the National Society of Black Engineers, and the Grace Hopper Celebration. An organizer for Con of Thrones told Fox 35 Orlando that her staff felt “incredibly unsafe” when they discovered their events would be hosted in the Sunshine State. A new location for the 2025 APA convention has not yet been announced.

  • 5 Reasons Why Parents Should Limit Screen Time For Children

    Smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets that can access the internet, nowadays play an important role in most people's lives; including children's. It is an unfortunate reality that we often find many parents decide to give their children gadgets to spend time with without realizing just how dangerous it can be. Gadgets can have a bad influence on children's development in their intelligence, behavior, and emotions. Even so, there are still quite a lot of parents who are not aware of this unfortunate truth. They often give gadgets and allow children to have screen time for entertainment so their children won't disturb them. Even though it may seem easy and effective to calm your child during a tantrum session, as a parent it is important for you to understand why you should not equip your little one with gadgets, no matter what the situation. Why Allowing Children Screen Time is Dangerous? Allowing your little one to have screen time is dangerous due to many reasons. But unfortunately, a study shows that many children spend almost 7 hours a day using gadgets. There are around 93% of children aged 12-17 years who understand the internet and 71% of them already have a smartphone. As is known, gadgets are like knives that have two sides. On the one hand, gadgets provide benefits and are needed during this technological development era, but on the other hand, they also pose a lot of potential dangers. Children often learn and imitate what they see on the screen. Especially if the actions they see are considered realistic. Without parental supervision, gadgets will have a negative influence on children's development. Therefore, parents must be able to educate their children without having to seize their rights to be able to access digital information, so that gadgets can become effective devices. There are several negative impacts of the excessive use of gadgets in children. Check out below for the possible impact of excessive screen time on your child's development. Experiencing speech delays A study revealed that the more time children spend playing with gadgets, the more likely the child is to experience speech delay. Research proves that there is a significant relationship between gadget use and children's speaking abilities. When playing with their gadgets, children will focus on looking at the screen. They won't try or make any communication or social contact. These two things are very much needed to help develop children's language skills and speech abilities. Unable to Concentrate Medical experts suggest that excessive use of gadgets and screen time among children can lead to symptoms resembling ADHD due to their hyperactivity, resulting in difficulties with concentration. Health Problems Overusing gadgets may contribute to childhood obesity as it limits physical activity. Additionally, children's food intake may be affected as they become engrossed in screen time; thus they will tend to eat hastily or excessively. Moreover, prolonged exposure to screens can also lead to eye health issues, causing discomfort and tiredness in the eyes. Impact on Parent-Child Bond Children who are more engrossed in gadgets may have less quality time to spend with their parents. This happens because they are often too immersed in virtual interactions with friends and social media. Although not entirely detrimental, this can weaken the parent-child bond and hinder their ability to socialize effectively. Mental Health Disturbance The influence of gadgets can also have adverse effects on the mental health of children, possibly leading to depression during childhood and adolescence. Some children may become introverted, anxious, or fearful in face-to-face interactions, preferring to avoid social situations. However, these negative feelings may disappear when they return to using gadgets. How to Safely Allow Children to Have Screen Time? According to The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), some older children can be allowed to have screen time as long as the parent closely supervises the content they watch and follow some safe recommendations below: Limit the use of gadgets in children over the age of 2 years to 1-2 hours per day. Children under 2 years of age should not be allowed any screen time, such as TVs, computers, or mobile games. Avoid installing a TV, video game, or personal computer in the child's room. Accompany children when using gadgets and discuss with them the content of the shows they are watching. Make sure children watch age-appropriate programs. No gadgets during meal times Being parents and children in this digital era is not easy and full of challenges. Gadgets can indeed give a positive influence, but at the same time, they can also bring a negative impact on children's development and their future. Parents must closely supervise, and control their children when having screen time, responsibly and wisely. Rather than allowing your children screen time and giving them gadgets, you can provide your little one with an age-appropriate board game, toys, or even art and craft equipment instead. Ensuring your children have proper things to play with, can help to shift their focus so they are not only focused on gadgets. Worry not of your spending to purchase these children's play items, you can save by shopping online due to the many promo and discount vouchers available on online shopping platforms. Help your children, so they will be able to live their life to the fullest by ensuring you limit screen time and allow them to have other fulfilling daily activities instead! Photo Credit:

  • Six Former White Officers Plead Guilty To Charges Related To Torturing Black Men

    Another step towards justice was prevalent in one of the more recent injustices in this country. Six former Mississippi law enforcement officers pleaded guilty in state court on Monday to charges related to torturing two Black men in January, according to NBC News. All six have already admitted guilt to those crimes in federal court. According to the prosecutors, who are all white, the former officers coined themselves the “Goon Squad” because of using excessive force and “to cover up their maleficence," including the attack that ended with one victim, Michael Corey Jenkins, shot in the mouth. The prosecutor recommended just five years of prison time Monday on the first charge, and five on the second, with the sentences running concurrently, which means they would be out after five years. The six will face federal sentencing on Nov. 3. Back on Jan. 24, the officers forcefully entered the house without a warrant, handcuffing and assaulting Jenkins, as well as his friend, Eddie Terrell Parker with stun guns, a sex toy and other objects. Amid the hearing Monday, the prosecution said the former officers kicked the doors of the victims’ home and “immediately began a 90-minute torture session during which they told the men to stop taking advantage of a white woman who lived there,” the prosecutor said. Those involved mocked the two men with racial slurs throughout the situation, shocking them with electricity volts via tasers, assaulting them with a vibrator, pouring chocolate and syrup over their faces and then devising a cover-up scheme following a game of Russian Roulette that went bad, according to the prosecution. The six former officers tried to finagle a scheme in which they would plant drugs and a gun on one of the men, concocting a story that Jenkins was shot “because he resisted and went for an officer’s gun, justifying the shooting, prosecutors said. "It's a long time coming," Parker, one of the victims, said on the courthouse steps. "We're not sitting here fighting for nothing. We're fighting for all ... Justice was served." Admitting they are criminals are five former Rankin County deputy sheriffs: Brett McAlpin, Hunter Elward, Christian Dedmon, Jeffrey Middleton and Daniel Opdyke, as well as a police officer from the city of Richland, Joshua Harfield. The civil rights charges followed an investigation from The Associated Press, revealing some of the officers were linked to at least four other violent encounters with Black men since 2019, leaving two dead and another with lasting injuries. The Justice Department launched a civil rights probe last February.

  • Philadelphia Eagles' Jalen Hurts Strikes Deal With Jordan Brand

    Michael Jordan proverbially has been reincarnated in the body of Jalen Hurts -- but it might be LeBron James, instead. The rising All-Pro Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Hurts not only earned a massive new contract, worth $51 million per year in new money with the Eagles over the summer, but he has now signed with the Jordan Brand, according to NBC Sports. He’s the third NFL quarterback to sign the Jordan deal in 2022, joining Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Bryce Young and Dallas’ Dak Prescott. Right now, the terms haven’t been disclosed, though some shoe deals pay out plenty of money. But some have limited value, comprising mainly plenty of free gear, according to Boardroom. Hurts’ contract is likely more on the lucrative side of the spectrum, which means that many view Hurts as one of the great quarterbacks in the NFL thanks to his skill set of throwing, processing defenses quickly, changing offensive schemes on the fly, leading a group of men, the city and scrambling away from haters. “I share a lot of important qualities with the Jumpman: Dedication to goals, commitment to excellence and values, and an unwavering sense of self-belief. … I’m proud to be counted among the athletes who have represented Team Jordan,” Hurts said in a statement to Andscape. There are other NFL players aside from quarterbacks who have the privilege to don the Jordan shoes, including Raiders’ Davante Adams, Saints’ Cam Jordan and 49ers’ Deebo Samuel. Ironically, the first NFL quarterback to strike a deal with the Jordan Brand was none other than former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. Just two years before, Minnesota Vikings’ wideout Randy Moss became the first pro football player to sign with Jumpman. Moss is still the only player in football history to have his own Jordan signature shoe, according to Boardroom. “On the field, Jalen’s commitment to excellence shines,” Jordan Brand president Sarah Mensah said to Andscape. “But perhaps even more impactful is what he personally embodies. Jalen understands the importance of believing in yourself and staying dedicated to your passions. He empowers all of us to help one another rise." “That characteristic and commitment is one of the hallmarks of the Jordan Brand, and is what makes Jalen a perfect fit for our team.” That characteristic and commitment led to Hurts posting 4,461 total yards and 35 total touchdowns in 2022. He also led the Eagles to the Super Bowl, a game Philly should have won if it weren’t for incompetent referees and the field being slick, which is a huge disadvantage for a team that relies on the pass rush on defense. Still, 2023 will be a better result for the Eagles, and Hurts is already planning for it.

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