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    Black Music Why Black Music Is Important Like any other kind of music, black music is essential in the lives of human beings and black people in that matter. The Quintessential Gentleman, a media platform for the black men, has explained the importance that Black music has to the black men who turn to us for help. We have helped so many black men understand the roles that black music has played in human beings' lives. Some of them include: The black music preserves our culture We are in a digital era, but that does not change the fact that black men have their culture. Since culture is not something that can be seen, it has been stored in various forms. One of how the use of different songs has preserved black culture. Therefore, black music preserves black culture in a unique way. When you listen to black music, you can learn different aspects of black culture. It highlights the challenges that black men are facing The other way black music is essential is that it is a channel where black men get to express how they feel and the challenges they are facing in their lives. Since not every media platform for black men is appreciated, when black artists come up with music that explores the challenges that black men face, they ensure that everyone who listens to the songs learn about their challenges. This helps black people get the solution to the challenges they are facing and more so problems that their fellow blacks face.

  • Black Men | Jamaica NY | The Quintessential Gentleman

    Black Men Positivity In Black Men The world is usually very harsh when it comes to defining people by their skin color. This is the main reason why the term racism is becoming the order of the day. This has made people also divide themselves according to their skin color. Black people are one of the world's races that have been affected by this notion that there are races that are better and superior to the others. Therefore, Black men have not had a prominent place just because of their skin color. The Quintessential Gentleman platform has been there for some time. We have identified the areas that Black men have been raging behind. Some Black men also view themselves as inferior, just like other people see them. The Quintessential Gentleman is a Black men magazine that shows how Black men are just as good as their counterparts. Our Black men magazine has enabled Black men to do several things that have helped them live a good life, just like the other races. This is because we believe that nothing is called a race and that God created all human beings equal. Most Black men have gone to schools where people of the other races have been and have been humiliated due to their color, but this has not made them fail to succeed. Consequently, they have also gone to the same workplaces with the other races and have even become their leaders. We hope that Black men find advice in our Black men magazine and it keeps them pushing.

  • Black Men Fashion | Jamaica NY | The Quintessential Gentleman

    Black Men Fashion Black Men Fashion Tips Today, most black men love exploring the different places on earth, foods, fashion, and different cultures. Therefore, many people spend so much money on ensuring that every black millennial travel has a different fashion type. This is because most black man wants to look fashionable. However, since not every black man can afford to invest in different types of black millennial travel fashions, black men need to learn the different black men fashion tricks and tips they can use when they are preparing to have their black millennial travel trips. Some of these black men fashion tips include: Proper grooming This is one of the easiest or rather the best tricks that any black man should learn. Black men have a unique skin color as compared to the other races. Therefore, this is one thing that Black men should take advantage of when looking for black men fashion tips. The skin color of black men makes them use different products that make their skin look better and better. Dressing mode Instead of investing so much in costly clothes that you only use when you are on travel, keeping it simple may help you look better. Therefore, despite your dressing style, you must keep it simple. The type of fashion for black men that is involved should be something that matches your black skin color. Dress in an African way Every black man needs to know where they come from. Instead of dressing like everyone else, when they are going for the black millennial traveling, dressing in an African way would look more respectable. Manage the hairstyles Black men should also use the right hair products on their hair and have the right haircut to have a great look. The haircut for every black should be the haircut that is complementing their faces.

  • Black Entertainment | Jamaica NY | The Quintessential Gentleman

    Black Entertainment The Benefits Of Black Entertainment The entertainment sector has evolved in the past years and has given rise to entertainment lovers' different options and patterns. Today, every person has the particular choices that they can make regarding their type of entertainment that is fit for them. Black men, for instance, have the opportunity of enjoying Black entertainment. This has given Black men different chances to explore Black culture wherever they are breaching any Black film they come across. Therefore, Black entertainment has been very beneficial in the lives of Black men in several ways. Some of these ways include; It is essential for the mental health of the Black The most common forms of entertainment for Blacks are Black films and music. These two have a very significant impact on the mental health of Black man. When you watch Black film, you get to relax, which ensures that you are not thinking about the different things that cause worry in human beings' lives. When you are relaxed, you will not get stressed, which leads to a lot of diseases. They contain life lessons Although most people watch any Black film to get entertained, Black entertainment has a lot of lessons that Black people are meant to learn by either watching black film or listening to the songs or poems. Some of the lessons that are contained in Black entertainment can help the Black men with indifferent issues they come across in their lives. Some of the things that affect Black men are also illustrated in black entertainment, which helps them learn how to solve them. Appreciate the Black culture It is through Black films and songs that Black men get to appreciate and learn their culture. Therefore, Black entertainment is so vital to any Black man, no matter where they live. When you watch Black films or listen to Black music, it is easier for you to know where you came from and the things that are associated with your people. By doing this, you can also teach your generations about the culture of your people.

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