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  • "Our America: Living While Black" 5-Part Docuseries Premieres Tonight on ABC

    ABC Networks recently announced a five-part docuseries, Our America: Living While Black, which premieres tonight, Monday OCT. 19 through Friday, OCT. 23. Airing a different part each day, the series will share stories of multigenerational Black families from across America navigating generations of systemic racism, policing, healthcare, education, wealth and housing disparities while seeking to build stronger communities and create a better life. The docuseries follow the experiences of Black families across America including: The McKissacks, twin sisters and CEOs of McKissack & McKissack, the nation’s oldest Black-owned design and construction firm with offices in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. The award-winning business has been passed down five generations, starting with their ancestor Moses McKissack who was brought to the country as a slave by a contractor who used him as a builder. The McKissack projects are respected nationwide and include the John F. Kennedy Airport, the World Trade Center, the African American Museum, the Obama Library, the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, and many more. The Scott Family Farms, helmed by Will Scott, an 80-year-old fourth-generation farmer from Fresno, California. As a young boy, he worked alongside his grandfather and family as sharecroppers. Due to years of systemic racism, there are deep-rooted challenges Black farmers face; however, Will remains hopeful and is determined to keep the legacy of Black farmers alive and growing. For the first time, he sees more diversity and people recognizing that racism is a systemic problem. Mayor Michael Tubbs of Stockton, California. At age 30, he is not only the country’s youngest mayor representing a city with over 100,000 residents, he is Stockton’s first Black mayor. He is a Stanford University graduate raised by a single mother and has an incarcerated father. When his cousin was murdered, Tubbs returned to the city of Stockton to create positive change. He became one of the youngest city council members in the country at age 22 and in 2016 was elected as the 82nd mayor of Stockton. Antoine Lovell experienced homelessness while being raised in New York by a single mother. At one point they lived in train stations and his bedroom was the No. 3 train. The experience shaped his life. He is now a professor and doctoral candidate at Fordham University in the Bronx and Delaware State University, where he teaches social policy. His specialty is housing and homelessness, the core issues that impacted him as a young child.

  • Atlanta Falcons Name Raheem Morris as Interim Head Coach

    After the Atlanta Falcons fired Head Coach Dan Quinn, on Sunday, October 11, they’ve recently announced their decision to replace him with their defensive coordinator Raheem Morris. “Raheem is a strong leader and a talented coach that has adapted to a variety of roles since joining the Falcons in 2015,” said Rich McKay, Falcons president. “He has experience as a head coach and has worked on both sides of the ball.” “We felt that combined with his connection to the players and coaching staff, which will be an important factor as we move forward in 2020, he was the right person to give this responsibility to.” Morris previously served as the head coach for the Tamba Bay Buccaneers prior to joining the Atlanta Falcons in 2015. With the Falcons he held down positions as the defensive backs coach, wide receivers coach, assistant head coach, and secondary coach. "I think Raheem is a very fine coach. He's been coaching for 17 years now. I think he was part of the reason for our success in the second half of last year," said Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons. Falcons linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich will take over Morris’ previous post as defensive coordinator. With the Falcons horrible past season, reports are saying that there might be more cuts to the team. Many are questioning the future of quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Julio Jones. In addition, the Falcons still have to decide who will take over as permanent head coach.

  • Ways to Upgrade Your Business Technology and Stay Successful

    Being competitive and becoming better than your competition is the only way to make it in the world of business today. With so many companies offering the same deals, doing something that will set you apart and help you become unique is a must. One of the things that could help you do that is upgrading your business technology regularly and following the latest trends and developments. If this is an idea you might want to turn into practice as well, here are a few ways to do so easily and effectively. Understand why upgrading technology is important First of all, you need to realize why taking this step is important. Most entrepreneurs don’t like investing money in their business because they see this as an unnecessary cost that will only minimize their potential income. However, you need to remember that you have to spend some money first before you can make more of it later, which is why investing in these things makes sense in the long run. What you also need to consider is the development of technology in recent years. With so many improvements and new ideas, technology is always getting better and allowing your business to prosper. New technology will take your security, operations, and communication to the next level, and those are the things all businesses need to get more successful than before. Choose your upgrades carefully Once you’ve understood why this is good for you, you can start looking into ideas and upgrades that are available. Don’t limit yourself to just a handful of options, but stay open to as many alternatives as possible. Ask around and find out what your friends and colleagues are using as well, and take lots of different ideas and upgrades into consideration before picking the right ones. However, there’s a problem you might be potentially running into during this process – how to find the right upgrade that will solve the problems you may have? With so many options and ideas on the market, narrowing down your search might take a while, and you may still end up not making the right choice. So, dedicate some time to this issue, take a deep breath, and be as careful, precise, and meticulous as you can. Stick to useful choices only Again, with a huge number of different options available to you, finding upgrades that will make a difference in your company’s future isn’t easy. You have to find ideas that will help you reach more potential clients, stay in touch with your current users more easily, create or produce more products in less time, and, most importantly, earn more money at the end of the year. This is why determining how useful a certain upgrade is should be on your mind at all times. For instance, if you’re trying to make a name for yourself in the oil industry, finding the most professional oilfield equipment that was developed by experienced professionals is the way to go. The same principle can be applied to all other industries as well, and sticking to the most useful upgrades will help you upgrade your company the most in the end. Start using cloud technology Even though cloud-based technology has been around for quite a while, not all entrepreneurs still believe in it and not every single one of them is still quite sure this is the right thing for their company. However, cloud technology isn’t just the easiest way to automate and simplify your business in more ways than one, but it’s also the best way to cut your costs and start earning more money right now. If applied and integrated properly, cloud computing will introduce many benefits to your company almost immediately. From the aforementioned simplification and lower costs, this move will also boost your flexibility, take your safety potential to the next level, and upgrade your employees’ communication skills – both with your clients and with each other. This will make your company run more smoothly in the future and help you create more room for further upgrades along the way. Upgrading your business technology isn’t easy and it can’t be done overnight, but if you dedicate your time and energy to this process, you’ll make your company better and more successful than it’s ever been – and that’s every entrepreneur’s dream!

  • Netflix Releases "Trial of the Chicago 7"

    In the midst of 2020, the need to face the truth as it relates to racial injustice and systemic racism is more needed than ever. Yesterday, Netflix released the new movie The Trial of the Chicago 7. Written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, the movie stars award-winning actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who plays Black Panthers chairman Bobby Seal and Kelvin Harrison Jr. plays Fred Hampton. Imagine it’s 1968 and the United States is in turmoil. Martin Luther King Jr. is gunned down by an assassin in Memphis, Robert F. Kennedy is shot and killed in Los Angeles. The Vietnam War is at its height with over 30,000 American casualties and 1,000 more U.S. troops killed each month. In August, scores of antiwar protestors gather outside the Democratic National Convention in Chicago and are tear-gassed and beaten by police and the National Guard. The following year, eight activists Tom Hayden and Rennie Davis of the Students for a Democratic Society, counter-culture Yippies Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, MOBE organizers David Dellinger, John Froines, and Lee Weiner, and Black Panther Party Chairman Bobby  Seale are put on trial for conspiring to incite a riot outside the Democratic Convention. Noted civil rights attorney William Kunstler works to defend this odd lot of antiwar activists against charges brought by a new Republican administration aiming to stifle and silence the movement. The whole world watches as the defendants face an unjust judge in one of the most bizarre and momentous trials in American history, The Trial of the Chicago 7.

  • Atlanta Hawks Honor The Legacy Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With MLK Nike City Uniforms

    The Atlanta Hawks recently announced an unexpected and unprecedented partnership with the estate of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the NBA, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and Nike with the release of its 2020 –21 MLK Nike City Edition uniform. For the very first time in the league’s history, an individual's initials will be featured prominently on the chest of an official NBA game uniform. The Hawks will be donating profits from the jersey sales back into the Atlanta community to help further initiatives championed by Dr. King. “We are honored that the King Estate would entrust us with these powerful initials.” Deeply connected to the tenets of Dr. King’s social activism are the roots from which the Atlanta Hawks’ own civic work grows.  The team has a well-demonstrated commitment to building bridges through basketball to help better the community.  The Hawks’ ongoing efforts in addressing food insecurity, access to early voting, and entrepreneurial development are directly tied to crucial issues on which Dr. King focused, including racial equality, voting rights, and economic justice.  In a franchise first, profits from the sale of the groundbreaking jersey will be given to programs that help to continue Dr. King’s work regarding economic empowerment for communities of color. The Black, Gold and White colorway speaks to Dr. King’s determination, as well as his understated style. It is also a nod to Dr. King’s membership in the first Black Greek fraternity. Bold Vintage Gold MLK letters, outlined in Fidelity White, blaze across the uniform chest, the initials of an eternal role model whose words of equality and justice are the foundation of today’s powerful activism. The stars donning both sides of the shorts represent 22 of the 29 times Dr. King was jailed fighting for justice and equality, while also paying tribute to the dedicated student freedom fighters who engaged in sit-ins all over the South. Of them, he said, "Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars."  Towards the bottom of the jersey, Dr. King’s personal signature graces the authenticity tag. Several of the design details of the uniform are inspired by architectural elements of churches where Dr. King delivered some of his most moving sermons. The uniform is bordered in White and Gold striping that lead to a tapered peak at the side of the shorts mirroring the silhouette of stained-glass windows. The crown and shield symbol on the leg of the shorts is inspired by church windows and Dr. King’s personal effects. At the waistband is the Hawks’ Primary Icon logo encircled in black symbolizing the continuous quest of the Black community to achieve freedom and justice. This heat-applied graphic is made of a soft touch rubber. The Nike Swoosh placed at the right jersey strap, just opposite of the Sharecare jersey partner patch above the heart. The team will wear the MLK Nike City Edition uniforms at select games throughout the 2020-21 season. In conjunction with the MLK kit, a complimentary MLK City Edition-branded court for home games will extend the important recognition of Dr. King to the main floor of State Farm Arena. To learn more about the Atlanta Hawks MLK Nike City Edition uniform and watch the launch video go to

  • "Time" Documentary: The Story of How the US Jail System Broke Up a Family for Over 20 Years

    My biggest fear is to go to jail for something I didn't do. With being a Black man in America, stereotypes, and racial profiling, the country where I was born has made it possible for this nightmare to come true. But what if you did do the crime, does that make it okay for you to receive the hardest punishment possible? This is what happened to Rob G. Rich. The Time documentary gives a glimpse of the fight Rob Rich and his wife Fox fought to keep their family together after Rob was sentenced to 60 years in prison. The documentary, shot in black and white, tells the story of how one mistake and the US jail system broke up a family for over 20 years. In 1997, Rob and Fox Rich were entrepreneurs who opened up their first clothing store with the intent of living out their dreams. As time passed, they began to struggle and one day Rob and his younger cousin robbed a credit union and Fox drove the getaway car. They eventually got caught and Rich was sentenced to 60 years in prison. That one action made out of desperation, split up the family and forced Fox to become a single mother raising six boys. This film is about the prison system and how it affects Black and brown people more than any other race in America. Many times when you hear of stories involving prisoners, you hear it from either the prisoner themself or a third party. The director of Time, Garrett Bradley, says she was interested in telling this prison story "from the familial point of view." In the film, you hear from Fox as she juggles a career as a car dealership owner, a mother and devoted wife. She even moved closer to the Louisana State Peneterary where Rob was incarcerated so that she and her children could visit. Many people don't know how many prisons are tucked away in America. "All across our country, prisons are tucked off neatly inside these small towns on the outskirts of major cities. A lot of the injustices that are happening in those mirky places are unknown to the general public," Rob says. Fox is inspiring as she is the epitome of a strong Black woman, resilient and a woman who walks by faith, not by sight. Fox hopes that people will think twice about making a bad decision. "Hopefully people will see our story and think twice before committing an offense knowing that they will be treated differently when they enter into the system, according to statistics and the facts," Fox explains. But also, there needs to be a change in our legislative process. Fox hopes time "will quick the spirit for people to see the real true everyday callousness of the people that are conducting the system and demand change from them as well." The people who are making these laws and sentencing the Black and brown community need to be fair and just. A "time" for change is here. Time is out on Amazon Prime today! Check out the trailer below.

  • World Food Day: NBFJA Fights for Food Sovereignty and Social Justice

    In a perfect world, everyone would have three meals a day, and no one would ever wonder when they'd have their next meal. Since 1945, the United Nations has acknowledged food as a right and created World Food Day to implement its vision in the fight against world hunger. Annually observed since October 16th, 1979, the holiday provides the opportunity for individuals and organizations to do their part by raising money or donating to a local food bank. Organizations like the National Black Food and Justice Alliance are not only striving for food security but also the acknowledgment of cultural traditions and narratives. National Black Food and Justice Alliance (NBFJA) is a partnership of Black-run organizations supporting and encouraging aspiring leaders, communities, and self-reliance as well as creating institutions for "food sovereignty." NBFJA's mission is to come together in hopes of building awareness and sharing their vision with food systems and land work rights on all levels. Co-founder and national organizer Dara Cooper and field organizer Randolph Carr III are making strides for the alliance's vision to come to fruition with the help of their leadership team. Inspired and influenced by historical trailblazers such as natural healer Dr. Alvenia Fulton and Fannie Lou Hamer for her Freedom Farm Cooperative in Mississippi, the NBFJA continues to fight for "black food justice". To learn more about the National Black Food and Justice Alliance, please visit their website. Photo Credit: National Black Food and Justice Alliance Sources: National Black Food and Justice Alliance/ The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

  • Omari Hardwick Talks Rejection and Being Embraced by Pauletta Washington on TV One's "UNCENSORED"

    Omari Hardwick has been one of the last decades most notable actors with the most recent role of James "Ghost' St. Patrick on the hit Starz TV series Power but his life and career are more than what we've seen on our screen. Hardwick shares more about his life in the next episode of TV One's UNCENSORED. Born in Savannah, Georgia to Joyce and Clifford Hardwick III, Omari grew up in Decatur, Georgia where he wrote poetry on a regular basis and participated in many sports which he was great in, eventually leading him to receive a football scholarship for the University of Georgia. Omari minored in theater and focused on poetry despite being one of the best on the field. After his college graduation, he pursued a career in football but was not selected and he then returned to acting. After being unsuccessful, he started living in his car and he finally got his break in the 2004 TV movie Sucker Free City. Since then Omari Hardwick has been seen in such movies as Nobody's Fool, For Colored Girls, Sparkle and so many more. How Omari Hardwick got the Last Laugh after being rejected for a role because he was too attractive. Omari on how Denzel and Pauletta Washington embraced him. Denzel Washington used a scene from Malcolm X to encourage Omari Hardwick. Check out the latest episode of UNCENSORED this Sunday at 10/9c on TV One.

  • Award Show Fashion in the Era of COVID, a Reflection

    2020 has been a very bizarre year for more reasons than one. The main story, obviously, has been COVID-19's takeover of the world and how it has impacted all forms of "normal" life, including live events such as award shows, usually involving large numbers of attendees. The initial round of Awards season, taking place between January and early March and featuring arguably the most important broadcasts such as the Academy Awards and Golden Globes, were untouched by the pandemic's wrath. However, with COVID-19 striking the US hard in mid-march, the rest of the years' festivities were greatly affected. Who: Jaden Smith Where: 2020 Video Music Awards Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images In the early days of the pandemic's US explosion, it was simply expected that all events would be canceled, with the idea that the health crisis would be more under control in a few months. However, once it was realized that we weren't going to be in the clear anytime soon, organizations from sports associations to television networks were forced to figure out ways to produce quality events that also kept all participants safe. As award shows began to re-emerge, one big question loomed, "What would become of award show fashions now that red carpets and in-person shows would undoubtedly be non-existent?" The answer seems to be a reflection of the current mood, "wear whatever will make you happy." Who: Maluma What: Balmain Where: 2020 Video Music Awards Photo: Jeff Kravitz/MTV Since summer, there have been several award shows that have attempted broadcasts despite the pandemic, and one thing that is clear is while the award shows themselves may have new, unconventional formats, they've still offered interesting men's fashion moments to discuss, despite the limited number of celebrities in attendance. Who: Jeremy Pope What: Louis Vuitton Where: 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards Photo: Instagram-@jeremypope Let's face it, men's award show dressing can typically be kind of...uninspiring. However, this year we have seen some interesting takes on "red carpet" fashion from men that have helped add a little excitement to an otherwise gloomy year. Standout examples (and some of my personal favorites) include Maluma's head-to-toe neon Balmain exclusive from MTV's VMAs, Jeremy Pope's Louis Vuitton suit made out of the house's classic Damier print worn for the Emmys, and most recently Lil Nas X's snakeskin takes on Little Richard courtesy of Gucci at the Billboard Music Awards. Who: Lil Nas X What: Gucci Where: 2020 Billboard Music Awards Photo: Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCU Photobank via Getty Images With no end in sight to the current crisis, it's clear that virtual award presentations (and events generally) aren't going anywhere anytime soon. However, it is good to know that the pandemic has not completely erased people's desires to get dressed-up and that in these trying times there are a few glimmers of glamour that continue to pop through every now and then. In this case, via some of our famous fashion favorites celebrating the best of the industries they represent.

  • Diddy Relaunches 'Vote Or Die!' Campaign

    Sean “Diddy” Combs recently relaunched his “Vote Or Die!” campaign for the 2020 Presidential Election. The campaign gained prominence back in 2004 when it was established for that year’s presidential election where George W. Bush and John Kerry were the candidates. The campaign’s relaunch officially kicked off on September 24, with a “State of Emergency: Election Day and Black Ameria” town hall that was featured on Revolt TV and sponsored by Cash App. Hosted by Eboni K. Williams, guest speakers included Kerry Washington, Cordae, Tamika Mallory, Vic Mensa, Dr. Cornell West, Jeff Johnson, Kimberly Jones, Mysonne, Tezlyn Figaro and more. Additionally, the network released a series on voter suppression and will be releasing a study on Generation Z voters and infuse 2020's Revolt Summit and the event ONE Musicfest with voter education. "When you talk to youth in Gen Y and Gen Z, it is clear they feel the older generations have failed them in a lot of ways,” said Detavio Samuels, Revolt TV chief operating officer. “Whether it be our nation's current stance on police brutality, systemic racism, gun control, climate change or LGBTQ rights, the younger generation wants change. Vote or Die is here to remind them that issues related to their survival will be determined by the people they put in office this election season.” The series on voter suppression features T-Pain as the narrator and documents the American election system and the many ways that Black voters have been suppressed throughout the years. The first episode aired on October 12. Revolt also provided recaps of the presidential and vice-presidential debates. Many people remember the “Vote Or Die!” campaign when Combs launched it back in 2004, through t-shirts, commercials, and celebrity endorsements. However, the campaign wasn’t as mobile for the 2008, 2012, and 2016 presidential elections. This time around the campaign aims primarily at younger voters. “Our research shows that the youth are desperate for a definitive shift in how America works, so it's critical that we inform and politically activate this generation to take action and define the future," Samuels said. The relaunch will not only feature new t-shirts and programming but also targeted marketing efforts in key swing states that include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

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