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Zach Randolph Pays Homage to Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett just retired from the NBA last Friday.

And while the Big Ticket seems to have a Cleveland Cavalier coaching job available to him thanks to Cavalier coach Tyronn Lue announcing it today, there are several NBA players who reflect back on the past, paying homage to his illustrious career.

At the Memphis Grizzlies Media Day, Zach Randolph, of course, said Kevin Garnett is a pillar for this game.

“I looked up to KG,” Randolph said. “I learned a lot from him when I was playing against him. He had passion, heart, dedication and he left it out on the court. But not just me; I think every player in the league that got a chance to play against him, learned something from him.”

It’s not a surprise Randolph would say this, especially since he is a student of the game. Randolph said when he was a young buck coming up, he looked up to hall of fame power forwards Charles Barkley, David Robinson and Karl Malone, too.

Randolph has been a horse for the Grizzlies for years, as his low post ability, grit and toughness has led him to being one of the best power forwards in the NBA hands down.

Z Bo averages 17 points and 9.4 assists for his career.


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