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YouTube Red to Premiere “Lace Up: The Ultimate Sneaker Challenge”

Coming this Wednesday, YouTube Red will launch their new series Lace Up: The Ultimate Sneaker Challange for its subscribers. Featuring four three person teams, each team will compete in a competition to make the best sneaker. The winners will not only have the opportunity to build a Limited edition signature shoe for Houston Rockets star James Harden and a designer gig at Adidas.

Lead by producer Kel Mok from Americas Next Top Model & sneaker designer D’Wayne Edwards, founder of the PENSOLE™ footwear design academy, this eight episode series is like no other.

Based on classes held at PENSOLE, contestants will have the opportunity to work with cutting edge materials, come up with original designs, and reworking some classic footwear. Starting off with an iconic classic, the Adidas Superstar will be reworking with guest judge Anthony Anderson in just the first episode.

Hosted by Youtube star Adande “sWooZie” Thorne, the series has a serious line up of guest. Most notably, tennis legend and sneaker innovator Stan Smith who with the help of a Fetty Wap, help contestants make re-imaginations of Smith’s timeless classic. However that it isn’t it for episode three.

Jesse Wellens stops by PENSOLE to help the contestants film music video for their design.

Although as the contestants will soon learn, it’s not just about the way the shoe looks. The functional aspects and message behind he shoe will also come into play with each design. Winning Lace Up will require much more than flair and showmanship, even if the season finale takes place in Las Vegas.

Other guests through the season include:

  1. Hok Kinoshi – Episode One

  2. Ashley Graham & Macklemore – Episode Two

  3. Damian Lillard – Episode Four

  4. Eddie Huang – Episode Five

  5. Jamie Chung – Episode Six

  6. Jaques Slade – Episode Seven

  7. James Harden – Episodes Seven & Eight

  8. The Fung Brothers – Episode Eight

Check out the trailer for the show below.

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