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Your Wardrobe Contingency Plan

What do you throw on if you wake up late and have to give a presentation at your office in the next 30 minutes? Or what do you select if you have a sliver of time to get home and change for your date night? Some of you may know exactly what you would wear and others would be stuck in their tracks trying to figure out the best clothing option for a quick change. That’s why (as simple or silly as it may sound) you need a backup plan for your wardrobe.

One of the easiest ways to set your fashion contingency plan in place is to identify as many option sets as possible. For all of your major pieces (jackets, sweaters, shoes, etc.), try 2-3 separate pairings including shirts, ties, vests, pants, and socks. It will amaze you how much time is saved when even the smallest details are taken care of – like your sock color. A good reference point would be to have one safe and one bold option for each of these pairings. That way you’ll be able to make the right statement at any event!

Personally, I like testing the waters and putting on new variations whenever I leave the house. It’s not a matter of dressing for a particular activity; rather, it gives me the opportunity to get comfortable putting together different colors and textures. The benefit of being out in public is that people typically won’t go out of their way to lie to you; meaning, you can feel pretty good about the compliments you receive. That’s certainly one way to know you’re on the right track. However, it’s less about the compliments and more about how you feel when wearing these pieces. Slight tweaks to your wardrobe can breathe life into your arsenal and more importantly, you will have ready to go back up options.

Every decision takes time and you don’t want to arrive well beyond “fashionably late” because you just couldn’t decide what goes with what!

Written by Omar Kinnebrew


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