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Young Thug From Rapper to Runway

All rappers are not created equal. Young Thug known for his eccentric style, interrupted one model’s strut to adjust his collar during a VFILES runway presentation at New York Fashion Week. The model complied in the same way a son allows his father to help him tie his tie.

The 25-year-old rapper was selected to mentor designers at NYFW for VFLIES runway show. The rapper/fashion enthusiast was joined by supermodel Naomi Campbell, makeup artist Pat McGrath, celebrity stylist Mel Ottenberg and designer Jerry Lorenzo. It makes sense that the ATLien would be given such a distinct role considering his taste in fashion.

A post shared by VFILES (@vfiles) on Sep 7, 2016 at 6:00pm PDT

Young Thug is known for breaking the unwritten fashion rules of hip hop. Just check out the cover art for his latest album entitled, No My Name is Jeffery. The rap artist decided to strike a high fashion pose wearing a baby blue and white, Japanese-inspired ensemble by Italian designer Alessandro Trincone.

The rapper was introduced to the designer by VFILES founder Julie Anne-Quay. The designer submitted his collection for the VFILES crowd-sourced competition and was ultimately picked to showcase his designs during NYFW.

According to W Magazine when Young Thug saw a photo of Trincone’s design he was immediately drawn to it and had it shipped from the designer’s home in Italy to Atlanta, Georgia. When asked about the rapper wearing his designs for his album cover Trincone told W “I think his cover image exactly centered my point, which is that everyone can wear what they want to,” said Trincone. “Everyone can be themselves. Ignore what people are saying and thinking.”

Young Thug may be the antithesis of other rappers and their fashion choices but he proves to be a trendsetter in the world of high fashion. From magazines to runway shows he proves that his fashion forward mentality is on par with what’s happening in the fashion world. His flamboyant style including, dresses, fitted jeans, and skirts mirror how trendy brands are marketing gender-neutral style and gender fluidity. The rapper is emerging as a style icon on the rise and someone worthy of stopping a model mid-runway.


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