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You’re Invited to #atllunchandlearn’s Millenial Edition

The #ATLLunchandLearn, Atlanta’s premier networking panel mixer, is back for its first event of the year! Returning bolder, brighter, and jam-packed with inspiration, the esteemed event will bring six millennial industry experts together to inform and motivate driven entrepreneurs from various fields at the Lenox Microsoft Store on April 27, from 12-3 pm.

This year, #ATLLunchandLearn has continued its partnership with the Microsoft Store, to create a teachable environment for students of all ages who are willing to learn. This event is hosted by radio host, author and relationship advocate T’Marie. The three-part event will include a networking mixer lunch, a panel discussion, and audience Q&A.

The panel will be graced by Janelle The Mogul (serial entrepreneur /philanthropist), Tyler Greene(publicist and brand strategist), Keith Crawford (executive director ofThe Young Executives Foundation Inc.& event manager), Tony Betton Jr (journalist and host),Terri Watson (beauty professional and event coordinator) and  Jayson Ross (financial consultant and motivational speaker). The audience can expect a “They Teach. You Learn” experience where panelists will discuss:

  1. Being a Millenial in 2019

  2. Using Social Media The Right Way

  3. Finding Opportunity

  4. Value: How to Become of Value and Finding it in Others

  5. Helping Others Will Save Your Career

#ATLLunchandLearn is powered by Time 2 Shine Radio, Quente’sential Branding, & The Quintessential Gentleman. The event is open to the public and is an experience for all ages. RSVP Here.


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