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Yisrael Wright's New Grooming Spa is Now Open and Accepting "MENbers"

Many of our readers became familiar with 30-year-old Yisrael Wright about a year ago when we first interviewed him. We learned that he was not your typical barber, in fact, he's a grooming specialist, master barber, teacher, #Girldad, author and now the owner of the all-new The Yizclusive Experience located in the beacon area of Atlanta's Grant Park.

Yisrael Wright is on a mission to rewrite the narrative around men’s grooming in Atlanta and the world. Hailing from a family line of barbers, Wright decided to further his own interest in the industry in 2012 and has never looked back. “Grooming doesn’t start or stop with just a haircut. Our mission at TYE is to redefine gentlemen’s grooming practices by catering to the discerning man who finds true value in his personal image, his high standards, and his attention to detail,” says Yisrael Wright.

The Yizclusive Experience offers a myriad of services, including manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, signature haircuts, grooming products, and grooming education. The experience will be undoubtedly like no other. You can also expect some exclusivity as the brand will provide “MENberships” giving “MENbers” access to specially branded products, services, events, VIP networking communities, and the MENbers Lounge which is a cozy, speakeasy-esque spot located inside the spa.

Wright not only seeks to ensure that his customers leave looking, feeling and shining better than they arrived, he also aims to help customers grow in their personal and professional lives by offering classes, workshops, and events aimed at men’s empowerment, development, and success. You can also expect meticulously curated culture-shaping events that will speak specifically to the power of family and community, starting with the upcoming “Step Father’s Matter,” an intimate conversation around the importance of strong father-figures in the lives of children. In addition to this, he will also host daddy-daughter dinners, father-son brunches, and a variety of crash courses on credit, finance, education, and entrepreneurship, all designed to reimage the idea of the “MAN.”

Yisrael Wright

“At TYE, we are connecting and partnering with other local brands to push an avant-garde agenda of culture, community, and cohesiveness in efforts to reach the men and people of Atlanta who aspire to be a part of something grand,” Yisrael shares.

Become a MENber today at The Yizclusive Experience at 1039 Grant St SE Suite A12, Atlanta, GA 30315 and tell them we sent you.

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