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How to Get a Taste of the Yachting Lifestyle

Last summer, Jay-Z enjoyed yet another luxurious yachting holiday, along with his famous wife and kids. The yacht cruised through Italy as Jay-Z, Beyoncé and the children chilled out after Beyoncé’s successful European tour. So many images of celebs (including Jay-Z) enjoying the yachting lifestyle are out there online, on TV and in magazines. If you’re curious about the yachting lifestyle, you should know that you don’t need to be a one-percenter to get a taste of it. You can start a little smaller, by purchasing an affordable boat of your own, or charter something that doesn’t cost a fortune. Being out on the water is a perfect way to de-stress and see new sights, with your friends and loved ones at your side.

Is boat ownership right for you?

Guys who dream of yachting are good candidates for boat ownership. Those who do have tons of passion for all things nautical should consider acquiring their own boats, whether they are sailboats or powerboats, or elaborate superyachts. A vessel should fit a man’s tastes, lifestyle and budget. When it comes to purchasing boats, comparison shopping is key. Great deals abound, but guys need to know what to look for. Some guys can afford a lot more boat than others. Any quality boat is going to give you that sense of peace out on the water. You don’t need to cruise on a superyacht to get that incomparable yachting feeling. Just make sure that a boat is big enough for you and some buddies to sunbathe on.

Chartering is another option

Owning a boat may be ideal, but chartering is also an option. With a charter, you’ll enjoy a getaway that makes you feel like a pro athlete, A-list Hollywood actor or hip-hop superstar. If you’ve seen TV shows like Below Deck, you already know that charters make it easy for people to see new places, without needing to own their own watercraft. While the Below Deck charters are costly, there are cheaper charters out there. Sure, the cheaper charters may not include endless champagne and VIP service, but they’ll still be amazing, provided charters from trusted companies are chosen. Different types of charter experiences are available, from ultra-exclusive winter getaways to the Caribbean to one-day Florida fishing charters and beyond.

If you are planning a sailing tour in Europe, a Croatia elegant cruise should definitely be on your list of to-do’s. Known for its crystal-clear waters, picturesque beaches, and charming coastal towns, Croatia provides an ideal backdrop for an unforgettable sailing tour. While owning a boat might be a dream for many, chartering offers a hassle-free and accessible option to explore the Adriatic Sea and its hidden treasures.

Just like the exclusive charters featured in popular TV shows, there are various charter options to cater to different preferences and budgets. While some might come with a hefty price tag, more affordable alternatives exist without compromising on the beauty and adventure Croatia has to offer.

Get your friends to share the cost

If you have a very close friend that you really trust, you might want to split the cost of boat ownership with that person. You could also share the cost of a fun boat charter with a friend or a group of friends. If you have a big family and want to get everyone together once a year, think about a boating holiday, whereby all family members pitch in to pay for the vacation. If you’re really committed to getting a taste of the yachting lifestyle, you should be able to achieve your goal. Once you’re aboard, you’ll be ready to party like a rock star, or just soak up the sun’s rays as you contemplate nature.

Yachting can be very expensive, but it’s possible to get the same type of vibe on a much lower budget. If you dream of being out on the water, find a way to make it happen. You’ll love the way that owning or chartering a boat makes you feel.


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