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X Men Movies not created for true X Men Fans

The newest installment of X Men came out last Friday, Memorial Day Weekend. X Men Apocalypse was number 1 at the box office opening weekend but the revenue didn’t reflect it. Apocalypse made an estimated 65 million in the United States. This means that X Men: Days of Future Past will remain the highest grossing movie during opening weekend for the franchise. But are we really surprised by the numbers that the franchise does as they continue to pick apart the story lines of the characters?

Xmen Cartoon

First off, if you want to enjoy the X Men movies you need to remove all storylines that were created from the comics and cartoon series from your mind. The writers of the movies have completely chopped and screwed all the storylines that were created. Now that you got that out of the way, X Men Apocalypse was a good movie. The fight scenes did justice in terms of graphics and special effects. The storyline, although long and drawn out, was good.

First Scene

I feel like I was setup, as a true X Men Fan. The first scene had me on edge and had me wanting to see more. As the action began, I looked over to my pops and said, “I already can’t wait to see the movie again”. Sadly, I spoke to soon. It wasn’t until the last fight scene that I was excited again. That means for an entire 2 and a half hours I sat in my seat waiting for the real action scenes to happen.


One thing about the movies that I really dislike is how they minimize the superpowers of the mutants. Lets take Storm or Ororo Munroe as I like to call her. She was a bad chick. She was able to manipulate all weather, not just lightening. There is so much more that she could do, like flying with a purpose and confidence. Also, where are her liners? “Storm, Mistress of the elements commands you to release that child” one of my favorite lines from the cartoon series.


What happen to Rogue? In the first couple of X Men films, Rogue seemed more like Jubilee than the Strong and Sexy Woman Gambit was always spitting game to! Rogue, from the cartoons, could fly and knock out enemies with one punch. She would have been the star of the show in an adult version of X Men that you might find on a website like cartoon porno, that is for certain. I’m not sure who it is we have now. Lastly, Jean Grey. Jean is one of the most powerful mutants ever. The things that she could do made her even a threat to the professor. If all this is true, why do we get so little from her? One good thing about Apocalypse is that we were able to see her full power potential. Plus, someone please explain to me why the directors keep bringing the Phoenix into it. The Phoenix was created when they went out of space as she was the guardian of the M’Kraan Crystal and took over Jeans body.

I just wish that the movies would create the movies a little closer to the true stories of the cartoons and comics. That is where we first fell in love with the X Men and the reason we will continue to spend our money. It doesn’t matter what they do, true X Men fans will continue to go to the box office when a new installment comes out. It doesn’t matter if we hated the last 3 movies, we will always go and see if they got “this one” right.

If you haven’t seen X Men Apocalypse yet go check it out and let me know your thoughts!


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