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Wounded Warriors

After leaving last nights game, just moments after it started, the Golden State Warriors have announced All-Star Kevin Durant has suffered a grade 2 MCL sprain. They have ruled Durant out indefinitely but have left open the possibility for a return later this season.

The Warriors PR released this statement on Kevin Durant earlier this morning via their Twitter account

The Warriors are not going to take any chances as they now plan to sign veteran and former Warrior Matt Barnes for the remainder of the season. The 36 yr old was waived by the Sacramento Kings last week after playing 54 games for them. While Barnes doesn’t put up spectacular numbers, he does a wide range of things on the court.

He only averages 7.6 points a game but he’s averaging a career high in rebounds and assists. It’s unclear what exactly Barnes role will be with the Warriors but he has diversified his game as he ages. What he lacks in athleticism he certainly makes up for with his energy and winning mentality.

The Warriors will be bringing in Barnes sometime in the next few days after waiving Jose Calderon. Barnes will be yet another addition to the Warriors long list of players from 6’6’’- 6’9’’.

Considering the only other traditional 3 the Warriors have is Andre Iguodala, He and Barnes will likely split time at the position. With 22 games left this season, Barnes should allow the Warriors to not put any more pressure on the rest of the team. Even with Durant out, the Warriors will likely not miss a beat.

Let us not forget, Steph Curry is the reigning unanimous MVP and the most dangerous player in the NBA. Dropping 3’s from 45 feet just cause he can. The Warriors have a three-headed monster with Green, Curry, and Klay Thompson. The Warriors are + 22.8 when those 3 are in the game in over 1100 minutes. To compare, Cavalier lineups including Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, and Kevin Love are +11.6.

Even if Durant misses the rest of the season, don’t bet on them slipping from the 1 seed. Without Durant the Warriors should still be favorites to get to the Finals.


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