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Winter 4×4 Accessories: What You’ll Need

Gear up for extreme snowfall and icy roads with the latest winter accessories. Plow through snowdrifts and stay safe and warm in freezing temperatures with these must-have accessories this winter. Prepare your 4×4 for whatever Mother Nature can throw your way with off road LED lights, rugged snow tires and more.

Reliable Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover keeps your tools, supplies and other gear safe as you drive past snowbanks this winter. Whether you choose a durable roll-up option or a traditional cover for your truck, prevent moisture from damaging your equipment. A cover also prevents snow and ice buildup in your truck bed, which can weigh your truck down and cause rust and corrosion. Don’t let slush and snow soak your gear and rust your truck bed.

New Suspension

Deep snow can hide potholes and other obstacles in the road. Protect your ride and stay comfortable this winter with a new suspension system. Bilstein struts provide dynamic suspension and long-lasting protection from bumps, bruises and sudden jolts. Grinding, clanging suspension systems need to be replaced before they damage other components. If your off-road 4×4 has too much travel, upgrade your suspension to stay safe this winter. There’s nothing worse than a breakdown in winter, so make sure your truck has a full tune-up before adventuring into the snow.

Specialized Snow Tires

Perhaps the most important 4×4 accessory for winter driving is a set of tires. Snow tires are specifically designed for harsh winter conditions. Aggressive treads keep you gripping the road through snow and slush, while a squared-off shoulder provides a wider footprint for improved traction. As the temperature dips below freezing, the unique rubber composition of snow tires keeps them pliable and prevents cracking.

Be sure to invest in a quality set of off-road or all-season tires to compliment your snow tires. Snow tires tread isn’t designed for dry roads, so it will wear out quickly if you decide to run your winter 4×4 tires all year. A winter set used only on snow-covered roads and cool temperatures will keep you safely on the road for years to come.

Vibrant LED Lighting

Don’t let all the snow and ice fool you; night-time driving can be just as dangerous as in the summer. As the days grow shorter and you spend more time cruising past dark, invest in bright LED lighting for your off-road ride. Replace your headlights or invest in LED fog lights to light up the night and illuminate the road during a snowstorm. Not only will LED lighting offering enhanced vision this winter, these long-lasting headlights will outlast and outperform halogen bulbs, making them a great investment for your truck.

Prepare Your 4×4 for a Safe Winter Ride

Search for the best truck accessories store near me and invest in high-quality winter gear for your 4×4 at discount prices. Enjoy safe travels to work and unforgettable off-road experiences with one or more of these accessories. Be sure to pack some warm clothing and an emergency kit before carving your own trail through the ice and snow.


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