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Will Smith and Kenan Thompson Will Star in New Apple TV + Documentary, "Dads"

Will Smith and Kenan Thompson are among the celebrity fathers to be featured in the new Apple TV + documentary, Dads. Viewers can expect to enjoy light-hearted humor, pearls of wisdom, and home footage from A-List celebrity dads. The documentary is produced by Nine Muses Entertainment, in partnership with Dove Men + Care, and celebrates fatherhood and explores how a father's role has changed over time.

Aside from Smith and Thompson, audiences will also be offered entertaining interviews from household names such as Ron Howard, Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel, to name a few. The full-length documentary pays homage to modern-day fatherhood. The film will focus on the impact of a father's role and its effects on the family dynamic.

Dads will be available for viewing on June 19th.


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