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Will Packer Inks Deal with OWN Network, Discovery and Universal

Super Producer Will Packer has been heating up the Box Office for the past few years and doesn’t plan on stopping there. The Man behind such hits as Ride Along, The Wedding Ringer, Think Like a Man and Girls Trip has launched his Will Packer Media company with backing from Universal Pictures and Discovery Communications. This will allow him to create a nice variety of content including Television shows and Documentaries. If you thought this was great, there’s more. Packer recently announced that he will be partnering with Oprah Winfrey and the Own Network to bring new content to the network. Packer said he hopes his works targets the “New American Mainstream”

Check out what Packer had to say about The impact his Discover/OWN Deal will have on Black Hollywood via

EUROWEB: “It means that they will be more opportunities. It means that there are creators like myself that will have the resources to go out and create more. It means that producers like myself have additional resources to go out and create more content. That is always good for people like me that make it a point to hire those that don’t typically get hired in what has sometimes been a good ‘ol boy system. I make sure that my cast, my crews, my directors, my writers are reflective of the world, not just one segment of it.”

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