King Bach Cover Launches Stylish Buttons Earphones

Who knew technology could be fashionable?, the leader of the Black Eyed Peas launched a set of earphones unlike any we’ve seen on the market. Fashion has used technology in interesting ways just look at Chanel’s light up purses for Spring 2017. Not all wearables on the market are particularly fashion forward. Bluetooth-enable Buttons headphones seek to fuse technology and fashion in a stylish way.

Billboard said the machined metal earbuds are meant to mimic the look of a vinyl record. That’s one way for fashion to imitate music. The specs of the Buttons include a built-in mic and an inline remote which can be used to make phone calls or Siri commands. The metal discs are magnetic which keeps the earphones together when you’re not listening to music.

The Buttons earphones launched on November 1st and can be found on Apple’s website for $229.95. At the time they only come in a combination of four colors: white and rose gold, black and space gray, white and gold, and black and gold.

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