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Why You Need To Get Squire TODAY!

If you’re like me you go to the barbershop every week. You have to make sure your fade is fresh and your line-up is crisp. When moving to New York, I needed to find a barber. I had to get adjusted to the price difference, what people called certain haircuts and being at the barbershop all day for a haircut! I wasn’t use to it. I normally go to the same barber, the same day at the same time every week. I used Squire the other day and it was the best thing every invented!

  1. It’s An App – It’s one of the most simplest apps I have seen in a while. Step-by-step directions on what you need to do to get a haircut. Available on iOS and Android market place by searching “Squire”.

If you want Squire in your barbershop head over to GetSquire.

Go download Squire Today and use keyword “QGENTS” for $5 off your first haircut!

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