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Why You Need To Get Squire TODAY!

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If you’re like me you go to the barbershop every week. You have to make sure your fade is fresh and your line-up is crisp. When moving to New York, I needed to find a barber. I had to get adjusted to the price difference, what people called certain haircuts and being at the barbershop all day for a haircut! I wasn’t use to it. I normally go to the same barber, the same day at the same time every week. I used Squire the other day and it was the best thing every invented!

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  1. It’s An App – It’s one of the most simplest apps I have seen in a while. Step-by-step directions on what you need to do to get a haircut. Available on iOS and Android market place by searching “Squire”.

2. Locations – Squire finds the barbershops closest to you in their network. You can see where the barbershops are located and what the barbershops look like inside and what barbers are inside. This is big for me because I don’t go into any barbershop. I feel like if your barbershop isn’t clean then your tools aren’t clean either.

3. Pick A Barber – Have you ever walked into a new barbershop and just sit for 15 minutes and examine all the people in the chairs to see which barber is cutting the best? I have this thing about never going to the barber who asks if you need a cut because I just assume if your not busy then you must not be good. Squire allows you to pick the barber you want to cut your hair.

4. Pick A Haircut – This is the best part. You are able to pick the type of haircut you want, reserve your appointment, checkout the price, add your tip and pay all at the same time. I have this huge fear of losing my wallet or losing cash and not being able to pay my barber. Maybe I’ve watched too many gangster movies where if you can’t pay your bill, bad things happen. With Squire, you don’t have to worry about taking out a credit card or cash at the barbershop again.

If you want Squire in your barbershop head over to GetSquire.

Go download Squire Today and use keyword “QGENTS” for $5 off your first haircut!

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