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Why The College of Hip Hop App Is Essential To Anyone In The Entertainment Industry

We here a QG recently sat down with twin brothers, AJ and SJ Jackson, to discuss their new app, The College of Hip Hop, along with their new book, “10 Steps To Profit From Your Passion.” I am deeply enthralled with the passion of these brothers, for which much of their work is enlightening and derived from assisting anyone wanting to attain success. Continue below to learn more about what you can do to better equip yourself with the knowledge to garner success in the entertainment industry.

As twin brothers did you grow up together always sharing a passion for the music industry?

Yes. We’ve always shared a passion for music. It has played a major role in our lives since we were kids. We can say we have a mutual passion for the music and entertainment business as a whole.

How has it been going into business together and how has that affected, if any, your personal relationship?

Going into business with each other has been great; it’s no better feeling than creating something to pass on to your family legacy with your twin brother. It has had a great impact on our personal relationship.

Talk to us about your app. What type of experience are your offering both new and experienced members of the entertainment industry alike?

Our app is The College of Hip Hop app that is available for free across ALL app platforms. The College of Hip Hop app offers new and experienced members of the entertainment industry, entertainment education. If you are new it will assist you in learning the knowledge of how the business works, and if you are experienced, it will keep you in the know with industry insiders, movers, and shakers.

How did you get into the world of app development?

The way we came into app development was really us just expanding what we were doing with the actual website Developing an app was just the next phase in the development of the site.

As a music educator, I find the practicality of your application useful in my teaching mode. Discuss your opinion on how your app can be utilized in a variety of both teaching and learning praxis?

The College of Hip Hop app can be useful and can be utilized because entertainment is the common ground between generations and if you can use it to teach the new generation then they will accept using it.

I also see that you have written a book, can you discuss the premise of the book, and your purpose for writing a book?

Our book “10 Steps To Profit From Your Passion” is basically a self-help entrepreneur book that’s based on things from an entertainment stand point. We give you 10 steps that you can apply to whatever you are doing, we just give it to you as if you were in the entertainment industry. Our purpose for writing the book was to give you 10 steps to apply to the field you are in to help you and lead you in the right direction. The book is available on Amazon in hard cover and digital. And the exclusive audio version is on our app.

What audience are you trying to reach, what is your message, and how does this relate to your app?

The audience we are aiming for is anyone looking to gain knowledge on the entertainment industry. Our goal is to educate everyone looking to break into the entertainment industry. There is so much under or miss-education when it comes to this industry and we are here to help, to make sure everyone is paid from their talent and business.

Can you share with our viewers some advice on how to garner success as an entrepreneurial, or any business advice you would like to share?

Our best advice is to stay focused, laser focus, and always be willing to spend your own money to stay in business. You must understand that it’s a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year grind.

Where and how can we obtain your app and book, including what platforms we can download it?

The app can be downloaded for free across ALL app platforms, it’s available for all phones and tablets. The book “10 Steps to Profit from your Passion” can be purchased via Amazon Hard copy for $12.01 and $2.99 for the digital version

Any parting words?

“I want for my Brother, what I want for Myself.” That is the way we live our lives, and that simply means we want the best for everyone like we want the best for us. Be sure to download The College Of Hip Hop app for free across all app platforms.


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