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Why Patrick Ewing is the right man for Georgetown

Georgetown and Knicks Great, Patrick Ewing, has taken the Georgetown head coaching job. After rumors circulated last week of the team’s interest, the NBA Hall of Famer was announced Monday as the Hoyas new HC.

1981 (AP Photo/Mike Grecco, File)

The Seven Foot, 54 year-year-old has been famous since he was tearing up High School leagues. Ewing spent four years playing Center for “Big John” Thompson and built the program to what it is. Ewing went on to play for 17 years, 15 of those as the Center for the Knicks and has been coaching since he retired. The 11-time All-Star has always wanted to be an NBA Head Coach but Georgetown was too big to pass up.

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There are plenty of coaches in basketball that at some point played the game professionally or at least in college. Matter of fact, recently many coaches are being hired straight out of the locker room. However, it is common to see a former guard at head coach. It is also relatively normal to see a small forward as a head coach. It is rare to see a former power forward as a head coach. Its also unheard of to see a former Center sitting at the top of the bench. Outside of Kevin Mchale, the center position has not been well represented amongst the coaching ranks.

Ewing has been passed over by multiple teams for open HC positions including the Knicks. Reckless speculation as to why Ewing had to go to college to get an HC opportunity is not recommended but it is strange. Ewing has seemingly been passed over for open positions by less experienced candidates.

Coupled with the fact that college coaching is a whole new venture for Ewing, this will be the first time Ewing will be on the other side of the recruiting trip. Equally important is the amount of work an HC has to do opposed to an assistant or Associate Head Coach. Above all, will Ewing convince top recruits and even mid-level recruits to commit?

(2002 NBAE)

We won’t know till Ewing has taken the job and fully had time to establish his own system. However, Ewing’s dedication to becoming a HC should give fans faith that his hard work will carry over. One can only hope that the school will have patience with Ewing and give him time.

Generally speaking, teams don’t typically do well when the school is questioning their coach.

That being said, awe hope the team works with Ewing in not only building his staff but letting him grow as a coach and recruiter. Opposed to many older players, Ewing has embraced analytics. His knowledge of the game should be unmatched. In an interview with the Washington Post in 2015, Ewing said on becoming a Head Coach “I’d like the opportunity to succeed or fail like everybody else. I can’t sit around and boo-hoo.”

There isn’t much the 54-year-old hasn’t done in his career. Although, there is at least one thing, Ewing has never won a NBA championship. He came close many times both as a player and an assistant coach with the Orlando Magic. Ewing won a title with the Hoyas in 1984, their only championship. Ewing has everything to gain by blowing away the competition in college.

If Ewing can put together a staff that benefits him, Ewing has the ability to restore Georgetown to it’s 80’s glory.


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