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Whose Hoo? – The Ultimate Dating App

Tuesday evening, The Quintessential Gentlemen was invited to attend the extravagant launch party for the new multi-purpose dating app HOO! As we entered, we were greeted with complimentary champagne and the most delicious hors d’oeuvres, which got the attendees in the spirit of celebration. The event was filled with international models ranging from Brazil to Russia. This was done intentionally to demonstrate that HOO is not an app that is only limited to America, but is already being warmly welcomed on an international level. 

Hoo 2

Now, I know you are thinking, “Oh no not ANOTHER dating app”, but before you dismiss this one let me tell you why I think HOO is a genius idea. Unlike Tinder, Bumble, and OK Cupid, HOO gives users the ability to be in two locations at once. You can meet and date locals where you are, and also preset your destination for a location you may be visiting the next week. For example, you may live in New York and set your destination for Japan and still be able to start conversations with men/women you may want to meet near your hotel overseas. 

Hoo 5

HOO is also amazing because if you’re visiting a city you’ve never been to, you can see where the locals go to party. HOO also rates the clubs, lounges and restaurants around where your destination is. You can even see the type of people that go to certain clubs/lounges and hear what type of music is played in that establishment. This will help users get properly prepared for a great night rather than walking in and out of random bars while wasting their night.

Hoo 4

Halfway through the night the mastermind behind this phenomenal app, Milan Petrovic, gave a wonderful speech about his inspiration for the app. The rest of the night was concluded with more drinks, food and dancing. Congrats to Mr. Petrovic and his team of designers and investors for not only creating an exceptional dating app but a new social network!

Hoo 3

You can download the Hoo App inside the App Store and Google Play.

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