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Whiskey Comes To Harlem At The Harlem Whiskey Festival 2017

The Harlem Whiskey Festival 2017 presented by Exclusive Access Group is a one-of-a-kind Whiskey & Entertainment experience for Whiskey Aficionado’s. Their objective is to celebrate Harlem’s rich & historical place in whiskey lore dating back to prohibition. In fact, at Connie’s Inn on 7th Ave & 132nd Street, the standard drink was called a “shorty” because it could fit in your pocket!  A four-ounce bottle of whiskey sold for 50 cents to a Dollar. High Whiskey connoisseurs preferred Mexico’s Old 99 made locally or a pre-Volstead product called Chicken Cock, from Kentucky.

On its 3rd year, the Harlem Whiskey Festival is a two-day Whisky experience that is all about celebrating the cutting edge cool, sophistication and uniqueness that has always drawn people to Harlem. Started by visionary entrepreneur Ron Williams, this year’s event will kick off with an exclusive and exquisite Craftsmanship Dinner and After Party at Minton’s, Cecil’s and Whisky After Dark at Papa Juan Cigar Lounge on July 11th, 2017, and will culminate with a Grand Tasting at Cecil’s on the 12th, 2017. Harlem has always had a taste for the finer things; the Harlem Whiskey Festival takes that ethos to the next level.

  1. Whiskey After Dark – $125 (Entitles a limited number of attendees to whiskey & cigar pairing, opening night party & grand tasting)

  2. VIP – $100 (Entitles attendees access to both nights (excluding Craftsmanship Dinner)

  3. General Admission – $75 (Entitles attendees access to Grand Tasting only)

To get a discount ticket head over to Harlem World Magazine.

*Written by Harlem World Magazine


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