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When The Well Runs Dry Official Trailer Released at ABFF

This past weekend the American Black Film Festival took place in Miami! During ABFF, Film Producer Reggie Lochard releases the official trailer for his latest film When The Well Runs Dry.

Here is the synopsis:

A week after the burial of their mother, Valerie, who died suddenly in a tragic car accident, the Winston boys must pick up the pieces and get their lives back on track. Maurice finds himself the sole guardian of his 17-year-old brother, Marcus, who is set on ruining his life with poor decisions. Maurice struggles with the loss of his mother while staying strong for his younger brother. He finds his new circumstances to be increasingly insurmountable. Knowing it was always his mother’s dream to get Marcus to college and make something of himself, Maurice makes it his mission to see his brother through these trying times; after all, they’re all they have left in this world. In the darkest times for the Winston boys, they find out that there’s nothing stronger than the brotherhood they share, the values their mother raised them with and the love they have for one another.

Check out the trailer below:

Look out for When The Well Runs Dry coming in the Fall.


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