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When in Bali Check Out Ayana Resort Cooking Class

The Ayana Resort & Spa Bali is a leading five star hotel popular for its hospitality, professionalism and the amazing experience and ambience offered to its guests.

In a bid to enhance the customer experience and bring the culture of the Balinese people to its guests, it started a five-star cooking school located within its vast land to teach an immersive cooking class Bali to its guests.

This cooking class will be a highlight of a guests stay at the hotel as it involves more than just the cooking and the sampling of the sumptuous indigenous Bali cuisine.

The Cooking School Experience

Taking the Scenography Cooking School cooking class on Bali cuisine at the Ayana Resort and Spa is an experience to itself.

Early in the morning right after breakfast, the hotel guests’ participating in the class, assemble and have a ride to the market. They are accompanied to the market by the highly professional culinary team from the hotel. In this market, they are introduced to and buy fresh local ingredients with which to prepare their Balinese cuisine.

The school intends for all hotel guests in the class to interact with the local culture. Therefore, the class participants witness a religious offering ceremony in one of the local temples.

From the temple, they are now ready to indulge in the cooking of indigenous Bali cuisine.

With several recipes to prepare, the professional culinary staff direct the guests on how to prepare the ingredients of all the meals that they will prepare that day.

Once the preparation is done, it’s time to start cooking. As the food cooks, the guests are taken through a crash course on indigenous plants and herbs that flavor Balinese cuisine with delectable tastes. Chilies and Sanlam leaves for flavor, turmeric for color among other herbs used in the preparation of Balinese cuisine is taught.

Once the food is ready, the guests then take some time to feast on their cooking as their lunch for the day. In addition, they get a firsthand experience of a five star cooking school, kitchen and staff.

Cooking Class Bali Packages

There are two packages for the cooking class at the Ayana Resort. The packages differ only on the experiences that the guest will enjoy and the price.

One package involves the journey to the market, haggling for fresh produce and witnessing the religious ceremony while the other package only involves the kitchen and cooking experience at the cooking school.

Cooking Class Prices

Learning how to cook Balinese dishes at the Ayana is separate from the hotel activities package and guests pay for this experience from their pockets. With that said, the price of this experience also has additional tax for which the guest needs to be aware.

In addition, each of the packages that you choose to experience has different prices.

The Cooking School

Scenography Cooking School is located within the five-star Ayana Resort and Spa. You will enjoy five star ambience and service in this school. It is manned by fully professional culinary staff of the hotel and as a result, you will experience high standards of food and food preparation.

Focused on providing guests with a unique learning experience, this single day experience will impart skills that will last for a lifetime and make your trip to Bali even more memorable.

In addition to cooking, the cooking school also immerses guests into integral parts of the Bali culture by taking guests to the market and to the temple for the offering ceremony.

A five-star experience

For all tourists to Bali who are staying at the Ayana Resort & Spa Bali, this cooking class Bali is a five-star experience equivalent to swimming in the vast ocean surrounding the resort or snorkeling out in the open oceans or visiting the Komodo Park.

It brings you into direct contact with the culture and people of the place that you will call home for a few days off your busy schedule.


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