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What Color Reveals About You

Ever wonder why presidents often wear red or blue ties? Color selection is a personal preference but our choices also convey messages to those around us. Red is an eye-catching color but it also ignites a strong emotional response. An individual in an authoritative position might gravitate towards red because it exemplifies power, high energy and driven nature. On the opposite end of the spectrum, blue evokes serenity and inspires a sense of security.

Whether you dress in professional attire or casual wear, color plays a meaningful role in our everyday lives. Every hue can symbolize a unique vibe. It communicates unspoken ideas that go beyond trendsetting. Orange and yellow represent cheerful colors. These colors are upbeat and generate high stimulus. Green is a harmonious nature and balance. Purple represents lavishness and regality. Stereotypically, white symbolizes purity and goodness in most cases. Apart from negative connotations, black is the color of sophistication. Like many things, color vibes and interpretations are subjective to a point.

The most important factor is what color means to you and how it embodies uniqueness in your wardrobe. Whether you favor cool blue hues or warm reds color is about personal connection. It’s about the feeling a black suit gives you and the energy that radiates when you enter the room. Only you can create the vibe for your self-image. Showcase your power color!