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What Are Your Odds Of Becoming A Sports Star?

Have you ever dreamed of hitting a home run in front of a packed stadium screaming your name? How about nailing a mid range jump shot as the crowd goes wild? For most of us, our sporting fantasies are reserved for teenage daydreams and idle hours in the office. For the upper echelons of the sporting world, however, these sports stardom daydreams have become a reality.

So how many young aspiring Maya Moores and Mike Trouts ever make it to the Big Leagues? In a brand new infographic has crunched the numbers and digested the data to reveal the exact odds of making it to the top of your game, whether you’re into baseball, soccer, ice hockey football or basketball.

Averaged out across the six sports which investigated, the data reveals that aspiring players have a 1 in 6,608 chance of being drafted from high school. 

The infographic also reveals that there are some sports for which the daydreams are almost certainly “pie in the sky”, while for others the dreams seem slightly more attainable. A final revelation of‘s infographic is the disparity between men’s sports and women’s sports. Women’s basketball was shown to be the toughest sport to go pro in (just 1 in 13,542 are drafted from high school), while also carrying the lowest average salary ($75,000 compared to the $5.15 million of male players). 

So how do the rest of the US’s favorite sports measure up? Here are the chances of getting drafted into each from high school and the average salary for each sport:

  1.        Men’s ice hockey:                  1 in 590             Avg. salary:            $2.4 million

  2.        Men’s baseball:                      1 in 679             Avg. salary:            $3.2 million

  3.        Men’s football:                       1 in 4,287          Avg. salary:            $1.9 million

  4.        Men’s soccer:                         1 in 5,797           Avg. salary:            $250,000

  5.        Men’s basketball:                  1 in 11,512          Avg. salary:            $5.15 million

  6.        Women’s basketball:            1 in 13,542         Avg. salary:            $75,000

A huge range of factors influence which sports are the most difficult to break into. From the popularity of the sport and the gender of the players, to the number of players drafted in each year. Just 32 women are drafted into women’s basketball teams annually, while 638 men are drafted into baseball.

Ice hockey, meanwhile is an outlier. Although just 60 players are drafted in annually, the chances of making it onto a professional team from a college team are a comparatively low 1 in 66. The reason? With so much equipment and facilities required, ice hockey is a sport which many cannot afford to get into at a young age. If you’re lucky enough to get started early, your chances of making it are higher than in any other sport on our list.  

Whether you youngster is in a high school team or you play at college level yourself, this amazing infographic will tell you exactly which odds you need to beat to finally achieve sports hero status. If you happen to be one in 6,608, you may just stand a chance!

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