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Welcome to the Chef J Rob Experience

Justin Robinson, also known as Chef J Rob is a Mobile, Alabama native who attended Auburn University where he graduated with a bachelors in biomedical sciences. He relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he began pursuing his masters degree and perfecting his knowledge of the culinary industry. Since relocating, he started to elevate his culinary experience. He is a self taught chef who uses all of his experiences from restaurants and traveling to bring make the Chef J Rob experience possible and bring it to his client’s table.

Who is Justin and Who is Chef J. Rob?

Justin and Chef J Rob are both the same person but the great thing about me is that I’m very versatile so while Justin may be in the medical field, finishing grad school, and starting his career, at the same time Chef J Rob is an entrepreneurial culinary genius who is trying to build one of the biggest brands in the southeast to widely spread across America to change lives one taste bud at a time.

What did you do to start preparing yourself?

Being self-taught, a lot of my experiences are lessons that I learned from. It’s very rare that I do not take the opportunity to learn new techniques or grass new knowledge from those who may have more experience or are trying to achieve similar goals that I have set

When it comes to the culinary industry, are there any people that you admire or look up to?

I definitely admire Chef Gordon Ramsay‘s pursuit of his dreams as well as his authority in the kitchen. He definitely has a distinct presence in the kitchen and very admirable culinary techniques.

When did you discover your passion for the culinary arts?

So when I was a freshman in undergrad, my mom basically told me that I was going to have to cook to survive so after cooking for myself and letting my colleagues try my food, they always gave me positive reviews about how great it was. So since then cooking throughout college was more so survival and for fun, but once I moved out to Atlanta I saw where I could capitalize on a God-given talent.

What makes you a Quintessential Gentleman?

I believe I am a Quintessential Gentleman because of the primary goal of my business is for the bettermeant of health of our community and not for personal gain. I believe that even though I am just one person, my influence can be positive enough to spark a wildfire and others to lead better and healthier lives and I plan to do so through my food that I prepared.

What can we expect from you in the future?

In the future, you can expect for Chef J Rob to always keep a bigger picture in mind for the general public’s health. Aside from cooking on day-to-day I really plan to utilize my public health and biomedical science background to impact as many lives as possible. But I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t have a few business plans for a restaurant or food truck in min in the future you can expect for Chef J Rob to always keep a bigger picture in mind for the general public’s health.

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