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Most Common Signs You May Need A Vision Exam

In life, one thing that we always rely upon is our health. We always want to look and feel healthy, and we want to retain strong physical conditioning for years to come. However, one thing that can fail us without even knowing it is our eyes. Before you go ahead and get some glasses or contact lenses, though, we recommend you go and get a vision exam first and foremost.

What, though, are the most common signs that your eyes might need a bit of assistance? Where should you go for help?

Your eyes feel strained

One thing to look out for when evaluating if you need help with your eyes is to look at how strained your eyes feel. Do you feel as if you are having to always give your eyes a rest from the screen, for example? Do you find that your eyes feel really tender and often give you headaches – even mild ones?

Then you should probably book in for some kind of vision exam and get it looked into. If your eyes are feeling weak and strained, it’s often a sign that your yes might need some kind of support. The day-to-day strain of what you are doing is obviously hurting your eyes, so turning to a solution that you can get from a vision exam would make a lot of sense for most people.

If your eyes seem to be under a lot of pressure, get them checked out.

Continual squinting

Another common sign that you need to go and get a vision exam is if you find you are always squinting. If you struggle to read things like the labels on a can of food or the signs on the road, then make going for some kind of vision exam an absolute priority.

Frequent and continual squinting is an obvious problem and one that shows your eyes are presently unable to take in the full picture. Squinting is not going to magically get better, either; you need to turn to some kind of support and get help. The longer you treat squinting as some kind of serious symptom that will fix itself, the worse the problem will become.

Going for a vision exam would let you find out just what the issue is, and how serious the damage to your eyes actually are.

Requiring ever-brighter lighting

Though many of us would not associate this as a major issue, a common problem for a lot of people is dealing with increasingly blurred-out vision. If you find it hard to see in front of yourself, it can stem from having eyes that need some help with extra lighting. However, if you need to keep putting on the lights to see – even during just dim conditions – then you could be suffering from an eye condition known as presbyopia.

The main thing to do is lookout for a signal and a sign. If you find that you need to put on lights on an increasingly common basis, then it could be a sign that you should be going for a visual examination. While it might simply just be the conditions you are working/living in, it could also be a sign that something needs to be improved and adjusted.

Closing the distance

A fine example of when you definitely need to go for a visual exam, though, stems from when your eyes need you to sit ever-closer to something to see it. For example, if you feel like you are sitting closer to the TV/monitor and/or you are pulling your phone/tablet screen ever closer to your face, then it’s time to go and book in for a visual examination.

This is a clear sign that something is not right with your eyes, and that something has to be done to try and clean up the issue before it worsens. If you find that you need to sit very close to the TV or any other screen, it could be the beginning of a near-sightedness problem.

Don’t just ignore these problems, as they will drastically and considerably lower your quality of life moving forward. Take action and book in for a vision exam – your eyes will thank you for being proactive.

Blurred vision

One of the most common issues that you could face with eye problems, though, stems from blurry vision. When your eyes feel like they are increasingly weakened then it will likely mean that your vision becomes quite blurred and weak. This becomes quite common, especially if you find that your eyes are blurring out even when lighting and seeing conditions are optimal.

However, if you note any kind of regular and consistent blurred vision then you should look to get medical help ASAP. Inconsistent and irregular blurred vision means you should go for an eye test; constant blurred vision is something that should take you to the A&E department.

Make sure you don’t take any blurred or otherwise blocked vision lightly. This is a common problem and a clear symbol that you could be in serious trouble. Book in for a vision exam at the least if your vision regularly blurs.

With the above in mind, you should find it a bit easier to work out when you might need to go for a vision exam. Be sure to book in for one; the sooner you can get your eyes cared for, the sooner you can get back to enjoying life!


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