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Vince Camuto x Eric Decker: Eternal Style

In the frigid labyrinth we call Manhattan, New York City, dreams die as swiftly as the wind blows through the glitzy art deco skyscrapers. Meet Eric Decker, the gentleman and the athlete, who joined forces with Vince Camuto. Mr. Camuto has teamed up with the New York receiver as a true embodiment of the Vince Camuto Man. Eric Decker’s rural roots have become his armor, stoic and unimpressed by the facade of fame, yet not opposed to embracing his “inner stellar”. 

Eric Decker 2

His love for sports and fashion cross-pollinate one another. Vince Camuto x Eric Decker Eternal Style, features the pro football player as he shares his perspective on style, scent, holiday, and confidence through a series of short films launching this holiday season.

Eric Decker 3

Click here to watch the first of the four-part series of short films launching this holiday season!


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